3 Benefits of Attending Veterinary Technician School Online

As children, many people dream of taking care of sick pets and nursing them back to health, but this doesn’t have to remain a dream. If you love animals and want to help them live long and happy lives, Ashworth College offers a Veterinary Technician Degree Program that is the right choice for your educational goals. Veterinary technician school at Ashworth College prepares you for the next big career step. Pursue your dreams, but on a flexible schedule to match your busy lifestyle.

There are so many benefits to taking a veterinary degree program online, and here is a closer look at just three of them:

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Online Convenience

You don’t have to reinvent your life by moving to a college town far away or quitting the job you already have. Our mission is to fit your coursework experience into the life you’ve already built, so you can easily access the program and all the veterinary technician school material without interrupting your other responsibilities.

Flexible Pace

Ashworth College’s Veterinary Technician Degree Program allows you to enroll in a single semester at a time, and work with an online school that understands you have to find your own pace. At affordable rates, you can complete courses in as little as 6 months if that timeline fits your life and schedule.

Hands-On Experience

We offer a variety of courses designed to get you ready to help our furry friends, and our faculty know what they’re talking about after years of experience in their fields (in fact, many are still caring for animals when they’re not teaching). And here’s the best part: you don’t just sit at your computer completing homework assignments. Part of your vet tech schooling includes 270 hours of clinical experience designed to give you hands-on work with animals of all kinds, putting your course lessons into practice.

This is a great time to think about  veterinary technician schooling. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting that between now and 2026, job opportunities in this field will grow at a rate of 20%. With more and more people adopting pets every day, you’ll stay busy throughout your career and feel satisfied about a job well done in a field that’s meaningful to you.

Ashworth College

Ashworth College’s Veterinary Technician Degree Program gives you the flexibility, hands-on training and needed skills to have a successful career as a vet tech and make your dreams of helping animals come true.