3 Ways to Generate Content for Group Discussions During MBA Entrance Tests

Group Discussions (GDs), which are an integral part of the overall MBA entrance process in India are also amongst the trickiest aspects of MBA entrance. One needs to think on their feet, present the topic persuasively, come up with meaningful content while making complete sense with respect to what you are saying, and at the same time exhibit utmost confidence.

Group Discussions are all about speaking well, and staying confident in a highly competitive environment. But, to obtain admission in best management college in Gurgaon, or for that matter anywhere else in the country, you have to perform not just well, but better than others.

Here are the top three approaches you can use to answer the GD questions with ease and confidence.

Stakeholder’s perspective Approach

When you get a topic to speak on in the GD, it’s not about what answer you give but it is more about how you present your answer. If your aim is to reach the best management college in Haryana or any ther state in India, you must answer the GD questions with complete conviction.In UK, students are expected to be good as an essay writer in expressing their arguments in a precise yet effective manner The stakeholders’ perspective approach includes the identification of the different parties/stakeholders involved in the scenario. For instance, if he question is about legalizing the mercy killing, the stakeholders would include the victim, the family of the victim, the government and the society. In this approach, you have to identify the view of each of the stakeholders’ on the given issue.


Keywords Identification

The second approach to GD involves the identification of the most relevant keywords for generating the content. Again, let’s say the topic is about legalizing the mercy killing, then the possible keywords would be mercy killing, the patient/ victim, and legalization.This process is key to a business management graduate while preparing the argument in an essay or assignment due for submission. Educators who guide students with assignment help, also use this approach in preparing the skeleton of the solution. The better one can think, the better the writing and the better the speech delivery.

So, when you start speaking, identify you stand on the topic as an individual and describe it through the keywords. Take the keywords one by one, define them and then express your opinion about it. Then go ahead with the next keyword. By focusing on a few keywords, you can conquer the whole topic as you would go ahead one step at a time. This would give you some time to think and plan your words.

The “SPELT” Approach

The third approach which you can use is the SPELT approach which implies:

Social – How would the topic affect or impact the society?

Political – What is the role of administration or government in relation to the topic, and what’s your view about it?

Economic – What would be the economic impact of the option chosen in debate?

Legal – What legal aspects are involved?

Technology – Are there any constraints that the technology places or what role would the technology play in relation to the topic.

This approach would give you apt content to speak about. You can generate a plethora of debatable points in relation to the topic using the SPELT approach. However. You need to practise a lot in order to confidently use this approach in your GD round.

So, if your aim is to get yourself enrolled in the best management college in Gurgaonor any other city in India, prepare hard for the GDs.