3 Ways to Stay Organized In College

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College is full of deadlines, tests, homework, social events, and clubs. It might be one of the easiest times in life to get caught up in all the madness, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as some make it out to be. You have many more ways to stay organized than you realize, especially with the development of study hacks and other college-related products that can assist you in living your best life!

Start by looking at your school supplies strategy

School supplies can really help you elevate your ability to organize. Take into consideration the number of folders you have for your classes, first of all. Having 2 pocket folders for every class is essential to keeping track of assignments and handouts. Pick a color for every class and coordinate your supplies such as your binders and notebooks. This will ensure that you don’t rush out of the door and forget your color-coded supplies for the class you are heading to!

Also, make sure to be stocked up in markers and highlighters. These will make your note-taking and studying strategies go a lot smoother. Any supplies that can help you study to your best capacity are worth your time and money.

Get a calendar — or two — to work for you

Calendars are major game changers when it comes to staying organized in college. One calendar might seem like enough, but two could really elevate your planning abilities. Some people keep one calendar for school-related things such as homework, quizzes, and tests. Then you can keep a separate calendar for holidays and social activities such as birthdays and parties. This seems like a lot of planning, but a calendar can fill up quickly when you are trying to keep track of deadlines. This is why having two might be your best bet.

Another form of calendar that can help you stay organized is a to-do list style calendar. This can be more for day-to-day tasks that you don’t want to forget. You can jot these down in a notebook that you always have on you. This can help you remember the last time you did laundry or washed your bedsheets. Writing things down will definitely help you stay and keep organized in a busy college setting. Planning out the smallest details across the board will help you thrive and organize your schedule to its fullest potential.

Organization means planning breaks as well

An important part of staying organized is taking the time to not be organized. Make gaps in your schedule on Saturdays where you put everything away and go with the flow. This is the best way to make sure you are taking time to stay relaxed. With all of the schedules and supplies to be organized during the week, you deserve some time in the weekend where you can exercise, paint, or partake in another relaxing activity. This could mean an hour a day or even a whole weekend to put the schedule down and relax. Find some time to hang out with friends and socialize at an event that isn’t required for school.

Time for relaxation is something that many successful people and students advocate. It gives your brain the release it needs to pump the brakes and reset for the week ahead. With some relaxation time under your belt, you will be ready to take on the school week ahead.

Take these tips when conquering college and you will be sure to excel. Holding yourself accountable to these organizational tips will help you succeed and keep on track towards success.