5 Benefits of Early Education for Children

Although many new moms want to stay home with their babies during their first few months, as the baby gets older, the mom may consider going back to work. While it can be a hard decision to make, placing your child in a social environment, such as a nursery or early education class, will provide them with many advantages. Here are five benefits of early education for young children.


Learning Social Skills

Keeping your child at home as an infant allows you to bond with him or her, but as he or she grows older, the child will need to spend time with others around the same age to learn how to interact with others. Placing your children in a nursery or preschool allows them to develop social and emotional skills like sharing, controlling their emotions, and how to resolve conflicts with others their own age. They will learn how to start making friends, so when they do enrol in school, they will be less likely to feel intimidated by it.

Learning Structure

Schools are structured environments in which classes start at a certain time and activities are scheduled throughout the day. When young children attend early education, they will start learning about how days are organised. They will start expecting to do certain activities at certain times of the day. They will be able to recognise time for play, time for meals, and when it’s time for mum or dad to pick them up. You can learn more about structured programs for young children at http://www.toddlertown.ae.

Developing Self-Esteem

Enrolling your children in early education can help them develop self-esteem and teach them how to help others. Teachers will encourage children when they learn new skills by congratulating them on their new abilities. Then the child can help other children who may not be as adept at doing something. For example, if your child learns how to zip their jacket, he or she can help classmates by showing them how it’s done.


Learning Choices

The ability to make choices is an important skill and school offers children a wide variety of choices on a daily basis, such as choosing whether to play with a game or colour during play time. If your children have difficulty making decisions or seems to wander off by themselves, teachers can encourage them to interact with others and help them decide in which activities to participate.

Preparing for School

To get them ready to attend school, teachers will help your children learn skills such as identifying colours, how to count, and the letters of the alphabet. They will help them learn the skills they are required to know in order to attend kindergarten. In addition, teachers can observe and identify academic areas they may struggle with, such as counting and math, so your child can get extra help if needed.

Children are naturally curious and being enrolled in early education can help them develop a love for learning. They will also learn how to get along well with peers and start learning how to make friends.