5 best certification courses that every SEO should have

This world is going to be completely digital in the next few years. Just like the things that we used to do manually a few years back are now doing with the help of the mobile and app and internet, the things that we do today could be get done through the digital means. That is why choosing your career in the digital world could be a wise decision because the future of the world is on the computer screen. That is why the universities of the world are producing thousands of computer engineers and other graduates from the computer related fields. In the time when everyone has a degree related to computer, a person should have some certifications to prove himself better than others.

Talking about the fields related to computer, the SEO is one of those fields which expanded very quickly. Nowadays every business like academic writing business which provides dissertation help to students, have some sort of existence on the World Wide Web need an SEO guy who can market his website on the Google and other search engines. Because the market is humongous that is why many youngsters are choosing this field as their career path. This is again the same stage where the certification courses can help you in opening the door of opportunities.

Following are five of the best certification courses that every SEO related guy should have on his back.

  1. SEO Training Course by MOZ:

The MOZ is one of the biggest platforms of the information and step by step guide that can make any laymen understand the SEO and its practices. Through this training course, you can learn all the SEO tips and tricks. The price of this training certification course is free that is why it has over 35,000 students enrolled in it. This is the beginners SEO course which has over five lectures and 51 minutes of content which will make you understand the basics of the SEO. This certificate is also available on the mobile devices and on the operating systems like iPhone, iPad and Android.

  1. ClickMinded:

Click Minded is another website which is considered to be the epicenter of all SEO related content. This is a specialized course for the SEO people that is why it is paid, and you have to give $487 for that. This course includes over 66 lectures and 5 hours of content. There are already over 3,000 students enrolled in it, and you also get 30 days money back guarantee with this certification course.

  1. SEOcertification.org:

As the name suggests, this SEO certificate is for the hardcore SEO people who want to know about every bit of Google algorithm. This certification course is paid and comes with three packages. It has 185-page training manual and information about SEO tools and services.

  1. Market Motive:

This is a monthly SEO training course for which you have to pay $299 per month. This is a self-paced training course but usually, take 25 to 35 hours to complete. The content of the course includes video lessons, downloadable workbooks and exercises, online progress quizzes, weekly live webinars and forums.

  1. Search Engine College:

Well, now you have a search engine college for the SEO certification course. It has subscription charges as well as certification charges as well. For the subscription, you have to pay $99 per month, and for the certificate, you have to $295. This is a self-paced course, and you will get the course materials with your every month subscription.