5 tips on writing good essays for better academic career


Essays can be a very crucial task to master. Normally essay writing is a major problem for students across all universities of the world. Effective essay writing is the need of the hour which is very hard to overcome if you are not accustomed to it. Essay writing is very crucial especially for students as it can affect their final grades.

Beginning an essay is the most important part as most of the students struggle to execute a plan for a topic to write on. This mental block is faced by majority of the students attempting to write an essay. Students also face issues with the structure involved in writing an essay due to poor drafting of structure thereby leading to poor grades. While writing an essay one should never shift from the main topic. Students all over the world face a major issue of drifting from the topic they have been assigned to work on, in order to reach their word limit. This issue results in poor content as quality is given more weightage than quantity in the grading process. Here are some of the useful guidelines to achieve near perfection in writing an essay.

7 tips for better essay writing:

  1. A suitable topic should be chosen: First important task in writing an essay is choosing a suitable topic. Proper research should be conducted by the concerned student in consultation with the supervising instructor in order to choose a topic that best suits ones given essay task. Students hailing from colleges can find help from Essayexample4u, from these websites they can gain knowledge about diverse topics and also gain ideas about the structure and the literature involved in essay writing. Reading others’ work is very necessary for writing a good essay.
  2. A suitable plan should be drafted: Before writing an essay a proper plan should be outlined by the concerned student so that he/she doesn’t drift away from the main topic. Good vocabulary is the first and foremost thing for writing a good quality essay. Consulting professional writers working in dissertation writing services can help to improve the vocabulary of the concerned candidate.
  3. Appropriate introduction, body and conclusion should be given: Now that the topic has been chosen and one has formulated a plan, a proper introduction should be given citing main points about the topic. The introduction should be followed by the body where the main points about the essay and problems are written. This is the most important part of the essay. Finally the essay should be concluded by providing a summary about the topic. It can also consist of ideas to solve the major problems if it has been elicited in the concerned essay.
  4. Free from plagiarism: An essay should be free from plagiarism as instructors all over the world encourage originality. Plagiarized works can lead to reduction in crucial grades.
  5. Free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes: A perfect essay should be free from grammatical errors and should be absolutely devoid of spelling mistakes. One should do thorough revision and proofread to negate errors. This will help produce impeccable essays that can fetch high grades for the concerned student. One should also try to take help from PenMyPaper as the experience can certainly help the candidate to drive themselves towards excellence in writing essays.

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