5 Warning Signs of a Bad Dissertation Topic

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Most students’ time at university will culminate in writing a dissertation at the end of their course. For this, students will have to come up with their own dissertation topic, and this can be one of the most challenging aspects of university, as there are a lot of targets that need to be met. To help you out, the expert dissertation writers from Ivory Research have listed the 5 warning signs of a bad topic that you need to watch out for when starting your dissertation.

  • Unoriginal

This is probably the hardest part of coming up with a great dissertation topic – coming up with something original. This is really important as it is one of the main things tutors look out for when marking. To be able to find a gap in the knowledge, students have to spend a considerable amount of time researching their subject. The dissertation experts from Ivory Research advise to read as much as you can, and try to look at what writers have not said, as well as what they have. Also remember to collaborate with your tutor, as they will be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Uninteresting

A dissertation is not like a regular assignment – it is a lengthy project which requires a lot of work and thus commitment. So the experts from Ivory Research advise to always try to avoid topics which don’t interest you, even if they fulfil all the other criteria. The best dissertations are written by students who are passionate about their topic, so try to find a topic that inspires you and writing your dissertation will be much more enjoyable!

  • Your supervisor disagrees

A bad topic sets you up for a bad dissertation, so it’s absolutely crucial to get it right. The best way to avoid this is through collaboration with your tutor. This can be frustrating, as it’s not uncommon for students to have to re-do topics and proposals a number of times at the tutor’s request, and this frustration can lead to students just going ahead with it anyway. However, remember that your tutor knows best! So wait until they give you the go-ahead before you proceed.

  • Too complex

As a student writing your dissertation, you obviously want to impress your tutor/marker as much as possible, and this means students are generally quite ambitious and choose challenging topics. While it’s great to challenge yourself, you also have to remain realistic – there’s no point undertaking a very complex topic if it is going to make the writing process too difficult. So try to choose an ambitious topic which is within your ability – a well written dissertation about a realistic topic will score higher than a poorly written dissertation about a complex topic.

  • Lack of literature or data

While it’s important to be original, you have to balance this with the amount of resources available since, as a student, your tutor will be looking at the amount and quality of sources you use to judge your knowledge and assess your dissertation. So try to steer clear of topics that have very little written or known about them – this will make it hard to find relevant sources. On the other hand, also try to avoid topics which already have mountains written about them – this will make it difficult to maintain originality.

So if you are trying to come up with a great dissertation topic, keep in mind this advice from the experts at Ivory Research and you’re sure to come up with a great topic. If you are struggling then fear not, because they’re here to lend a helping hand –and they get great reviews!