6 Tips for Choosing a Good Persuasive Essay Topic

A persuasive essay is a form of academic writing or article wherein the writer has to use logic, reason, facts, and real-life examples to convince readers to side with or believe him or her or to take a course of action.

Also known as an argumentative essay, students are asked to write this type of essay so that they can learn how to formulate logical reasons for their opinions. In addition, the process allows them to develop or improve their research skills as they look for facts related to their topic or to support their opinions.

Providers of essay writing services say that by writing persuasive essays, students are able to hone their persuasion and influencing skills as well. Whenever they are successful in getting people to agree with them, they become more confident and develop essential abilities that they can use in the real world now and in the future.

Writing a Persuasive Essay

For students writing a persuasive essay for the first time, selecting the right topic is crucial for creating an impressive article. By choosing a good topic, you will arouse the interest of and engage readers faster. You will have a less challenging time researching for and writing your paper as well.

To be sure your topic for your first argumentative essay will be a hit instead of a miss, follow these helpful tips:

1.     Create a list of potential topics

There are literally hundreds of topics you can write about. To narrow down your list and find the best topic, go online to search for lists of the most popular and widely-read topics.

Another option is to go to a library and find a reputable book about persuasive writing. These books often have lists of topics to choose from as well.

You can add more possible topics to your list by thinking about the past and current issues that have made a strong impression on you. Lastly, you can also ask your teachers and parents about subjects they find interesting.

2.     Cross out overused topics

Reduce the number of your possible topics by removing the ones that have been written and read about hundreds of times already. These include highly-charged subjects such as abortion, gun violence, death penalty, euthanasia and illegal drug use.

To come up with an essay that people will love to read from start to finish, focus your attention on subjects that are fresh and interesting.  

3.     Research your top topics

Once you have a shortlisted your potential topics, take some time researching each one.

Go online and find out if there are several relevant and credible sources you can use as your references. Don’t forget to visit the library to check out books you can use for gathering additional data as well.

If there are topics that do not have enough materials or sources, remove them from your list. Do not even try to write about them since you will have a difficult time of finding information and facts that will enable you to sufficiently defend your position and convince other people to agree with you.

4.     Pick a topic that resonates with you or one you are passionate about

Your interest and enthusiasm about a particular topic will help you write a superb and engaging persuasive essay.

This is because if you select a subject that you are not interested in, your lack of interest may show in your writing. Moreover, you may even find it hard to start writing and researching simply because the topic is not important to you.

To avoid losing motivation throughout the whole writing and research process, and to be able to come across as someone who really believes in his or her arguments, select a topic that matters to you.

5.     Narrow down your topic

In case you’ve chosen a subject matter that is too broad, try to look for a more specific topic or subtopic you can discuss.

If you write a paper about a topic that is too broad, you will end up creating an essay that is too long, general, and overwhelming. You may even become confused in your position, and you may confound your reader as well.

Moreover, you will find it easier and faster to write about a more specific topic.

6.     Select a topic that is debatable

Lastly, make sure you choose a topic that has ardent supporters and opponents. It should be one that has remained unsolved or controversial.

And when picking a side, go with the one that you actually agree with. If you don’t, you will have a difficult time making others agree with your point of view if you don’t believe in it in the first place.

Joining educational summer camps and writing workshops can help you learn about and polish your skills in persuasive writing.

But if you don’t have a lot of time to learn the rudiments of writing a persuasive essay, you can always get help from your teachers, and from seasoned professionals who will assist you in coming up with the perfect, convincing paper quickly.


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