6 Vloggers which every student should follow on YouTube

There was a time when only the text written in the textbooks were the source of knowledge and education for the students from around the world. Students were compelled to learn only those things which are written in the book and do not look beyond. Then, technology happened.

Not any scientist or institute, but the biggest change in the education was brought up by the technology. The internet and different tools and applications have made education much simpler and better. On just a click, websites like Wikipedia and Khan Academy can get you the world of knowledge from which you can get assignment help too.

In this all transformation of education from traditional to a modern one, the latest addition is the vlogs and vloggers. Vlogs are just like blogs but in video forms. In this, a person shares his views and ideas and post it on the video streaming websites like YouTube.

People are making vlogs on almost every topic or field of life including things related to academic studies. That is why students can take great help from these vlogs if they know the right people to follow on YouTube.

To help out the students, I am writing this article in which I am going to share four of the best vloggers which every student should follow on YouTube.

  1.    Damon and Jo:

If you think that Paris is only a city of love and romance, then Damon and Jo have everything to prove you wrong. These kids from the 90s are the students from France who are unveiling the educational structure of this beautiful country which used to be only famous due to its scent and art. This duo also helps out students studying in Paris on the American visa finding jobs or renting out any room in the city center.

  1.    Cath in College:

A girl from the Stanford University Cath do the vlogs for fun. This purely non-commercial vlog is all about the Stanford University and the life of students of this prestigious university. Her videos are well edited and during cold days in Ithaca. If you believe you are good enough to become the part of Stanford, then following Cath on YouTube can help you out.

  1.    Tine Bietler:

Tina Bietler is a professional teacher of the 4th grade. Instead of sitting on her work table at home, she does all her vlogs from her classroom. Her vlogs are full of informative material with some tips for the teachers about teaching kids of below than 5th grade. With 13k subscribers on YouTube, Tine Bietler is a person whose vlog you cannot miss.

  1.    Katherout:

A girl from the University of South California, Katherout is an enthusiastic, crazy, excited and a girl with a great sense of humor, which can show you the darker sides of the college life in a way you would not feel any darkness out of it. Her vlogs are the true representation of LA’s college student’s life that is why now she has now 115k subscribers on her YouTube channel.