A Tip to Interns: Dress Like Your Career Starts With Your Internship

If you are like most college students, then at some point you will work as an intern with a firm or organization engaged in your desired profession.  Student internships are opportunities for more than course credit and summer income.  These are some points to keep in mind to help make your internship a stepping-stone towards a rewarding professional career.

Begin by treating your internship with the respect it deserves.  You are not working at your internship as a “student”; you are a budding professional who is expected to behave and look like one.  Even in the most relaxed climate a professional is understood to look like someone who respects others and oneself as well.  So, dress like the professional you are.  This can be achieved by developing a wardrobe with mix and match pieces from retailers like Forever 21.   And you can use a Groupon to save money on all your purchases and get free shipping.


You must approach your internship work with seriousness.  Even if you find yourself in the role of a glorified office clerk or stock boy never forget that you are there to learn about the real world around the field you are entering. Every field has it’s amount of “grunt work” the tasks and duties that are necessarily monotonous and boring. Knowing about them is essential for that day when your responsible for organizing, staffing and allocating personnel.

Get to know your fellow workers!  Many people fail to know the folks they work with.  No organization is stronger than its weakest link.  Not knowing who does the tasks involved to accomplish a project can result in your ignorance of their needs and requirements.  And – even more importantly – it can make them feel you don’t really care about them.  Nothing can be more detrimental than a lack of interaction among those who make up an organization.

Use your internship as a chance to develop a sense of individual professionalism.  College gave you the opportunity to develop and express your personal individuality.  Your studies, entertainment, dress, and style of living were uniquely yours.  Now you join the work force you must make that individuality fit within the society around you.  So, use a Groupon to purchase a wardrobe from Forever 21 that will mark you as a young and confident professional.  See that everything in your wardrobe – from suits, dresses, outerwear, sweaters, and accessories – can mark you as someone with a bright future.