Abstract Tube: Next Level In Video Production

Abstract.tube is just like YouTube but better. It is an online platform that really helps students, teachers, and people in various fields. Videos are more interesting to small children than texts. Even for grownups, a video can help them understand more than a text. It can stay printed in the viewer’s mind. A video can be easily grasped by students as well as entrepreneurs. This is what Sarbojeet Jana make use of in this new venture.

How It Differs From Others

As you all know YouTube, Instagram and other social Medias are more popular among the public. But the Abstract tube has an unexpected advantage over them. YouTube and Instagram are really great but the videos you upload in them are not easily accessible by everyone. For example, you started a YouTube Channel and you are uploading videos. But not everyone knows who you are or where you are uploading the video from. They won’t know all the specific details. But the Abstract tube, according to Sarbojeet Jana can organise that information and present it in an orderly manner. This helps to get your video the attention it deserves.

How It Will Help You

Abstract tube is not fully developed yet. It is in the process of developing. Once it is developed it can really help students, teachers and others in the educational and research field. Researchers can turn their findings into a video content and with the organised system of the abstract tube, the public will surely turn their heads towards it. More people can watch these short videos and they can get something informative from it. Teachers and students can benefit from this in a huge way. For example, a teacher can make an explainer video on a specific subject and students from everywhere who wants to learn that topic can benefit from it. Jana also says that there is the option for the users to make videos in the site itself.

For Students

Students are the main beneficiary from the Abstract tube. They can get more knowledge and information from outside the college through this. Universities can take up this opportunity to educate students through these videos.

Abstract.tube is also a production company. A well versed plan to produce different types of videos in different genres is also under construction. Without any external funding, Sarbojeet Jana alone goes forward with this brilliant idea. Abstract tube has all the chances to create history in online education.