Be a Potent Bridge to Those who are Struggling to be Heard

When you say translation, it means the passages will be changed in the different tongue so that the recipient will get a better grasp of the message. Interpreting is somehow related to this though it is in a verbal form. The interpreter will still modify what is being spoken so that the target of the message will understand.

There are now so many interpreters and just like any profession, there are good ones and there are also so-so. Of course, it is already an understatement to say that if you are a good interpreter, you can easily land in a good paying position.

But what are the qualities of a good interpreter? Be guided by the suggestions below:

  • He must be a good listener. In fact, this is one of the most vital qualities of an interpreter. Through listening, he can explain in another tongue what he heard, to the target audience. Note that while listening, he must also be articulate in explaining what is being said right there and then.
  • He must be in the best of health to provide quick-witted interpretation. His sensory, motor and cognitive skills must be exemplary so that he can right away get what the speaker is trying to relay.
  • His vocabulary must be above average. In fact, he should be what we call, a walking dictionary. He does not only need to master his own language but other languages as well. An interpreter will translate the message of the other speaker, right there and then. There is no time for him to check any reference as he has no way of knowing ahead, what the speaker might be talking about. This is why he must be quick-witted and is really brilliant in his craft.
  • He must have great patience and will learn to deal with his stress. He must have self-control as well especially when dealing with speakers that are not that easy to discern. There are speakers that are hard to understand because of their accents. And sometimes their intonations are also adding to the difficulty in understanding what they say. A skilled interpreter should be ready for situations like these.

But before becoming an interpreter though, you must know how to speak different tongues. The Robotel language laboratory can be of service for this quest. You should check them out.