EPIC Consulting: Become Certified and Consult Away!

Technology has become an integral part of the healthcare community with different software that allows each facility to keep track of all records for each patient. Software like EPIC is making the processes involved in taking care of patients much easier while allowing each healthcare facility to be informed about every step that has been taken. Along with the EPIC system there is a need for professionals that can set up the program, as well as maintenance it throughout its use. This type of job is called a consultant and they are in high demand as many facilities are implementing the use of the EPIC system. Finding a job in this field can be much easier to obtain with the help of Henry Elliott which is a firm that connects consultants with open positions. Becoming a consultant involves different steps and is a process that takes time, but if you are already certified, this firm can find you the right position.


Becoming an EPIC Consultant

Since the demand for this type of consultant is high, it is beneficial to take the steps needed to become certified. To become a consultant, the first step is to work at a hospital or healthcare facility. You cannot obtain certification without being sponsored by some entity. Certifications with EPIC totals out to be around 35 and that can take a considerable amount of time to obtain. Even though there are so many certifications available, you do not have to have everyone to become a consultant. There is also only one location where you can receive this certification and it is housed within the EPIC campus. Once certified in any of the types of systems, you can become a consultant that will be contracted to a company. This makes you the go-to person for implementing the switch to the new system, as well as maintaining it as the technology changes. Maintenance is important to ensure that the system works correctly at all times, as the information is holds is very important to the everyday functions of the facility.

There is another way to obtain the knowledge needed to work with this type of software. That involves working for EPIC themselves. Once you work for the company however, you will not be able to become a consultant for at least a year after leaving the company. This can be good for your career as a consultant as some companies do not care about the certifications as much as they are intrigued by the experience the person has with using it. This is not the case for all facilities though, and obtaining certification is the best route to take. You will also need to be aware that ongoing training will be needed to keep up with the changing times and technology.

Becoming an EPIC consultant can take some time, but once you are certified to work with this system, you can find yourself making upwards of $70 an hour while performing consulting jobs. You will also be able to be a part of the extremely important process involved in switching to its use and making the care of patients easier and safer.