Best Place to Study to Be a Good Patent Attorney

Being a patent attorney or lawyer is quite beneficial because your services will be always in demand. Every hour a new thing is invented by a talented scholar somewhere in the world, and every second a creative author may have a brilliant idea in his mind. All these people create intellectual property or IP. Probably, they will want to protect their inventions from a theft or an unauthorized use in the future, and a patent attorney is the right specialist to ask for a law support in this case.

To become a patent attorney, one must meet certain requirements. Firstly, you should get a certain educational level. Today, we’re going to give you some clues and hints how to find the best place to study in the UK to be a good patent attorney.


What Education Do I Need to Become a Patent Attorney?

Once you’ve decided to connect your life with protecting intellectual property rights of your clients, get ready for a long study. All in all, you’ll have to complete four years of undergraduate study, followed by three years of law school. In addition, you’ll be required to own a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering to enter a law school.

While getting your undergraduate level of patent attorney, you’ll get a set of necessary skills, including proficiency in speaking, reading, analyzing, researching and thinking logically. In addition, you’ll be taught such useful subjects as History, Philosophy, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, foreign languages and etc.

After graduating from a law school, the degree of Juris Doctor (JD) is gained, and the individuals are required to pass state and the patent bar exam to start practicing.


How to Choose a Good Law School?

Getting a law degree in the UK is a little bit tough experience. There are over 150 universities and colleges to choose among in the United Kingdom, and each of them has its own courses available. While deciding which educational establishment to choose, take into consideration the following factors to make a right choice:

  • The law school’s location;
  • Available theoretical and practical degrees;
  1. Choosing the right location.

Choosing the right location is a key moment for loads of students. The city and campus where you are going to live in will influence greatly on your university experience and success. Think about staying nearer to home or moving further afield. It will be nice if you choose the place with a great number of legal firms to get a valuable work experience as you study and, maybe, a prospective job.

  1. Finding Necessary Law Courses

Universities around the UK are rich in various law courses. However, you need particular ones, including Basic English Law, International Patent Law, Design & Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Patent Practice, Drafting a Patent Application, Infringement and Validity of a Patent Exemptions to get necessary knowledge and skills for becoming a good IP attorney.

  1. Rankings

All accredited law schools in the UK are ranked annually, according to different criteria. These criteria may include rankings by lawyers, quality, placement success, selectivity, and bar passage rate. Most of current students prefer to choose schools that are mentioned in the top 100. The first 40 in the list are usually the most selective ones, but they have better success in placement and quality. The first 12 law schools are often considered to be the most competitive ones, because the biggest firms around the country recruit directly out of these schools.

Today, we’ve tried to give some advice how to choose the right place to study at. Hope that our clues and hints will be useful for you!