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When an officer is surprised by a sucker punch or a weapon grab, they have to react efficiently and faster than their opponent. Not many officers are as equipped to handle this type of situation as they should be. This is why we offer the best immediate threat response training Connecticut can provide. In our ITR training, you’ll learn how to handle a situation where the subject is the one initiating the contact. Under these circumstances, it is the officer who has to avoid the situation going downhill.

While these types of situations occur rather often, officers are not correctly prepared, and lives can be lost, or serious injuries can happen. As an officer, you should be trained to immediately respond to any surprise event that may happen on the street. We offer a unique approach to training to help you do this. Our methods are different than most that you have been through where you know the drill of how the attack is going to happen.

ITR creates an environment in which officers are authentically surprised. We then teach them to respond to the surprise attack. This is worlds away from subject control training, which is proactive. The order in which our training is done my be done in just the right way so officers master it effectively.

Surprise is the key to the efficiency of our training. Without it, officers can’t effectively handle surprise attack situations. The training is worthless if they aren’t surprised, and it doesn’t do anything to help them save their lives or those of their attackers.

As an officer, you’ll learn from a team of very experienced instructors who are experts in law enforcement. Many of them were in the military as well as having served as officers. We additionally have people on staff who are experts in martial arts and general physical conditioning. The methods our students learn have a basis in reality, and they are learning from  those who have experienced what they do on a daily basis.

We take our roles in saving lives very seriously, and there is nothing more important than that. Our backgrounds in law enforcement, the military, martial arts, and fitness makes us the perfect team to help you or your team of officers learn more about the best immediate threat response training Connecticut can provide. Lives are on the line, and we are ready to teach you how to save them in a new way.