Classrooms with Technology is Advancement for Children!

The tools students previously needed for school were pencils, paper, books, and maybe bring your lunch or snack. Most students now require a computer which would eliminate textbooks and paper. Computers are mostly seen with college students but now K through 8th graders have the use of technology in their classrooms as well. Just about 5 years ago there was a major issue with children having cellular phones in class because it was a disruption of their learning experience. But now it is necessary to bring children together along with their parents and teachers to communicate on levels that is only designed to bring about progress for all involved.

Because technology is literally everywhere, there is no way to avoid it! There is no difference in the classroom and it is actually a necessity. In some ways, it forces the child to become a multitasker when all they are there to do is simply learn. All minds are not created equal with children, so you have to meet them where they are according to the level of their learning capacity. One of the benefits of having technology in the classroom is being able to grab the child’s attention easier than before. Even with small babies, if you put a cell phone or mobile device in their hands, they wouldn’t want a regular toy anymore. By introducing virtual reality along with traditional teaching, the students are able to enhance their learning experience through demonstration. Collaborating with their classmates is also encouraged and goes a lot smoother when technology is used. One of the biggest benefits that would help is that your child becomes a whole lot more responsible. By using the school’s device or owning one, they must keep up with everything concerning school and it gives them a sense of having something of great value.

These classrooms tools are utilized via an application on an Apple or Android mobile device. You can also have programs downloaded to a computer or laptop. ClassDojo is used in 90% of the school districts across the United States. Teachers are able to upload pictures and track the behavior of students to communicate with parents. Within a year of launching in 2011, the app was used by 1.3 million students and teachers in 180 countries and 35 languages. Founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, they wanted an opportunity where parents and teachers could have a platform to communicate about students. Parents even have an opportunity to join in the classroom during school hours to be fully involved with the teaching their child is experiencing.

I know there may be some challenges along the way where parents may be concerned about technology being a distraction for their child. Their social interactions are at stake when you place a mobile device in their presence and it could affect their work. When it comes to children having a different learning experience, you and the teacher are there to guide them the whole way through!


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