Common Problems Encountered with Custom Essay Writing Services

It would be relatively easy to find essay writing help that lacks genuineness. They would not need anything other than to make quick money. You would be left stranded when you find the essay plagiarized or terribly written.

Find below a common problems with essay writing services that you should avoid.

  • Is the paper or essay checked for plagiarism?

It would be something that every student should avoid at all costs. Plagiarism would not only be morally wrong, but it would be illegal as well. Colleges and universities have been known to conduct plagiarism checks on their paper and essay. In case, your paper or essay has been found plagiarized or copied, you would be in deep trouble. If a company has been reselling papers or essays they have written earlier for a specific client or they have been careless when it comes to checking for plagiarism or copied content prior to sending the finished essay to their clients, you should avoid dealing with them.

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  • Do you have direct contact with the writer?

In case, you have hired a custom essay writing service, it would be pertinent that you be in direct contact with the writer. There would be several things to consider for your specific essay to be written according to the specific standards set up by the professor. The clients may have numerous questions about the completed work. Only the writer would be able to answer the specific questions in the right manner. A third party would not be able to do justice to the queries asked as they have not written the essay or paper. Moreover, it could be largely confusing with inefficient information provided by third party.

  • Do they have efficient customer service?

You may come across several essay writing services that would not cater you with the opportunity to enjoy the live chat service with a company representative. It has been deemed a bug problem, as the clients would not be able to seek appropriate answers to their specific questions on the placed order. It could be largely frustrating when they cannot reach the company representative.

  • Are they charging higher price?

Higher price would imply higher quality as well. However, it may not always be the case. Moreover, not all students could afford higher priced quality work.