Enroll in Our Film School for Kids in Florida

If your kid loves to be dramatic and has a flair for the creative, they would love your enrolling them in our film school for kids in Florida. We offer a variety of classes that teach your kids what they need to know to make some amazing films for YouTube or other creative outlets.

One of our courses is YOUth TUBErs. In this class, students will learn how to create films for YouTube. If your kid loves to watch videos on YouTube, this class can prepare them to be the platform’s next youth sensation. They’ll learn how to create, act in, direct, and produce their own films for YouTube and to let their imaginations take flight.

If your kid has an active imagination, then the Mini-Movie course is probably a great class for them. They can write the script for their own movie, act in, direct, and produce their own short film. They’ll work collaboratively with other students so that they can develop teamwork and cooperation skills.

The News Broadcasting course is perfect for students with an interest in broadcast journalism. They’ll write their own news stories and then deliver the latest news as well as weather forecasts and sports highlights. They’ll also write and act in their own commercials, giving them a better perspective on how television broadcasting works.

In all of our classes, students will improve their self-esteem and self-confidence as they become better public speakers and comfortable with speaking on camera. Their on-camera personalities will shine through, and they will be able to convey their messages effectively to their audiences on-camera.

We encourage a supportive environment in which students grow in their confidence levels over time. They learn technical skills related to filmmaking, and our staff teaches them all sorts of tricks of the trade, such as those for makeup, camera angles, and lighting. Your child will develop skills in several aspects of filmmaking as well as life skills, such as cooperation, public speaking, and memorization.

Our instructors are industry professionals, and they are great instructors who make learning fun and engaging. When you’re ready for your child to learn more about filmmaking, enroll them in one of our after-school or school break classes. We offer the best film school for kids in Florida, and we look forward to working with your child.