Habits that Make You a Better Athlete

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard,” That’s what Kevin Durant, an American basketball player, once said. Maybe you have often wondered what makes you a better athlete? – Talent or “hard work”?

Talent is a thing that you can’t influence, and that should not impact you in your sport. And this is precisely where Kevin Durant’s sentence comes in, because “hard work” is more than “talent”. Much more important in sports – regardless of which game you run – are certain qualities such as will, fighting spirit (for example, to defeat your inner bastard ), a smart mix of determination and laxity as well as a common sense that allows you to do so time breaks and regeneration phases grudge.

A talent was born in your cradle, you already have the will – otherwise, you would not read this blog post – and for the one or the other little thing, there are now online high school courses which offer programs to make you a better athlete.

Regularity and Routines are the Keys

Tip No. 1 is about consistency and routines. In short so to “stay tuned.” How do you do that best? How do you best stay? What helps you?

Excuses are Taboo

Whether you are tired after work or do not feel like it – bite through your training program and do not let lazy excuses guide you. You will notice: Even after a workout for which you could muster no motivation, you are like a substitute. Happy, fulfilled, exhausted and proud, just because you have bitten through. This feeling is priceless.

Find a Reason

Why are you running? Why did you make it your goal to do more sports?

If you make a personal commitment to your sport, it will undoubtedly be easier for you to exercise it. Do not let others guide you, and it is essential that you DO YOUR REASON, whether that is a change from the workday or whether the pounds should roll, it does not matter. Of importance is only that you stand for it. If you follow others, you will soon find that it is even more difficult to stay tuned.

Your Training Plan

He helps you regularly and continuously to complete your training. Stick to it, hoard completed training sessions, or mark the practice with a color of your choice to show yourself how many training sessions you have already completed & how many are still coming towards you.

The fact is, once you have found your training rhythm, it will be hard to get over it.