Hacks to Become A Great Writer

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Every so often, every academic is required to write. It may be a thesis, a dissertation, a research paper or an essay. Whatever piece of writing you have to go through, there are several challenges that you are bound to encounter along the way.

Be rest assured, though, that you are not the first and neither are you the last to encounter these problems. Most problems encountered during writing are self-inflicted. These include insufficient research, procrastination and the ever-present writer’s block.

The following tips will help you get through whichever piece of writing that you have to do.

  • Read, listen, ask

Most papers and essays given are based on course work. This is true in educational institutions such as college or high school.

The three steps help, each in it’s own unique way. Reading is fundamental for proper brain development and in order to maintain sharpened cognitive and mental faculties. Reading also improves creativity and helps one in coming up with unique content.

Listening is the act of paying attention to conversation or speech. It is keeping an open ear. Especially in high school and college, listening is a basic skill that can prove vital in completing that course paper. The course instructor will regularly drop points and hints that could guide you in writing the class essay or paper.

Asking is also an important skill in writing. If you are stuck, there are various people you can reach out, whether more accomplished writers, your course instructor or your supervisor.

Applying these three will take you a long way in your journey to becoming a good writer.

  • Research and outline

It is essential to always do a thorough research and create an outline before embarking on any writing task. This prevents the ubiquitous demon of procrastination.

Before you start on a paper, take a moment at your work station and do a quick internet search. If you have access to a good equipped library, then the better. Do extensive research on the topic at hand and then create an outline of your you will write your essay or paper.

This ensures that writing becomes the easy part of the paper instead of the core of the problem.

  • Maintain a conducive writing environment

In order to be able to write a quality paper, you should be at peace with both your mind, your environment. This can be done by establishing a conducive working environment.

If you feel at peace in well-lit and aerated place, make sure that your “write spot” has big broad windows for natural lighting or proper artificial lighting to appease your mind. If you prefer a dark place, select a neglected corner where you can isolate yourself and do your writing. Put on that smooth jazz or that tingly electronic and once you’re relaxed, write. You will find thoughts to flow much smoother if you are settled than when you are not.

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  • Stop procrastinating

One common thing among all writers is the bug of procrastination. Most of us put off writing a paper until it is due in a day’s time. Not only is this habit unhealthy, it also hinders you from writing a quality paper since you barely have time to conduct decent research or come up with insightful ideas.

Besides that, waiting for that inspired moment also hold you back. There is rarely a moment of divine insight, if it does exist at all. So pause that Netflix show, walk to your desk and start writing.

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