How Technology can Help in Improving Education

The growth of technology in the field of education has changed the way students used to learn. We cannot escape the purview of technology, we are totally dependent on technology in some form or other. As the technology is growing, the options of sharing and gathering of information are also growing. Here in this article, we will discuss how technology is helping in education.

Use of Multimedia

The use of multimedia in the field of education has replaced the boring textbooks into interactive videos. The days are gone when students used to learn only via textbooks and notes. Now with the advancement of technology these textbooks are converted to short movies.

Mobile Applications:

There are two types of mobile applications available in the app store, one which requires active internet connection and the other one which does not require an internet connection for using it. These offline mobile applications are designed in such a way that one can study using these mobile applications whenever they want because these applications download the entire content at the time of installation of the application. For example, if you want NCERT Solutions For Class 6 then you can download an application which has the NCERT solutions and you can refer to those solutions whenever you want.

Practice Test:

For better preparation and practice, one must solve online mock papers. Solving online mock papers gives an actual scenario of the test and one can check how much time one is spending to solve a particular exam.  


Internet plays an important role in the field of education, nowadays everyone is having a smartphone with an active internet connection. With the help of internet one search for anything he or she wants. For example, you are solving some questions of class 7 NCERT science and you are facing some difficulties while solving a particular question, at this moment you can search for NCERT Solutions For Class 7 on the internet and you will get lots of results.