How To Balance Studies And Social Life –For College Students

College life is the best. This is the period where you learn new things about life and party like its 1999. But what happens if you are lacking in your school work?
In this article I will educate you on how to balance school work and social life. Here are the basics;
1. Take your time at the library
The library is the one place to find peace while studying other than during lectures. Don’t bring your friends to the library if they pose as a distraction. A few hours in a day will count and then you don’t have to rush last minute when there is an exam. 
2. Set your priorities right
Life in college is fun. You want to impress some friends or make new once too. Let people know who you are and what you are all about. Just be yourself. If your priority is studies then stick to that. Don’t be fake to impress some popular kids. Spend time wisely and have a schedule on how to do things.
3. Be self-driven
Don’t let people push you around and tell you what to do. Math related subjects can be a handful, go to a friend who seems to understand it. The internet is your friend. Get some math help online and there will be individuals ready to assist with the problem at hand. 
4. Find a healthy living environment
There are nice hostels with healthy living environment. What happens when a student chooses to stay in unhealthy environment is the lack of focus. Studies require your attention every day of the week. A relaxed environment will make you feel at ease and focused. 
5. Schedule some fun times with friends
Choose your friends wisely. Genuine friends will have your back and love you for whom you are. These are the kind of friends to have some one on one time with. If it’s on a Saturday and you need to turn up then do just that. If you know in the back of your mind that you’re prepared for an emergency test then having a little fun does no harm.
What I’m saying is don’t forget why you joined college. The main goal was to study and achieve your goals. Don’t be the type of person who is influenced by other people to do things they would never do. You can be a party trooper and an A+ student. It’s all about balance.