How to be a good team member?

If you were to build a new team for a new project at your workplace, who would they be? Assuming they have the right technical, creative bend, what other factors would you look for? Team needs strong team players to function efficiently. But what exactly define such team members who make up a team and who make a project successful? The below-mentioned points can give you an insight into what makes a good team member:

Reliable: You can always count on a reliable team member who is known to get the work done and also does his/her fair share of hard work. They are also able to meet the deadlines. For them, consistency is the key and you can count on them to deliver exceptional performance even under pressure.

Communicative: A good team player is one who expresses their thoughts clearly, honestly, directly. Furthermore, they have utmost regard for their team members, mentors and seniors. They communicate keeping in mind the point of view of everyone else. Such a team member does not shy away from making a positive point – in a respectful manner.

Good Listener: It is important for a team to function efficiently if it has a good listener in the team. Team needs those members who can understand, absorb and execute clearly, without arguing or debating about anything.  Such a team member is also able to receive criticism positively without being defensive. More importantly, for effective communication as well as problem solving, members of a team need the kind of discipline to listen first properly and then speak accordingly in order to ensure that a meaningful dialogue ensues.

Active Participant:It is often said that good players are also good participants when it comes to team coordination. They are always prepared for meetings and speak up and take part in all discussions. They are not the ones who sit passively on the sidelinesand are completely engaged. These are those members who take initiative in getting things done.

Shares ideas: Good team players are more willing to share knowledge, ideas and their experience without getting threatened. They are the ones who take the initiative to keep their team members informed about everything. Since there is a lot of informal communication happening within the teams, apart from organized meetings, team members need to feel more comfortable talking with one another and therefore passing important piece of information without any bias. They want to keep other team members in the loop with their expertise and knowledge to get the job done first.

Problem solver: Good team members know how to solve a problem and the work of the team. They show up everyday with a positive attitude and commitment to resolving disputes of any kind. They are committed beyond their work and intend to do so for a long time.

It doesn’t matter which profession you belong to. Whether you are a marketing professional or have a finance job, as long as you have these qualities, you can be part of a very productive team. Teams are formed to solve problems, close a project and generate revenues. It is therefore, very important to be a good team member and help your firm grow with your help.