How To Become A Bartender

To become a bartender, you need to take a class on bartending, select where you want to work, shine your CV and climb the career bartender rankings. Follow our guide to becoming a bartender and you will eventually become one of the best bartenders ever.

#1: Undertake a bartending course

Bartending is not a walk in the park, and it requires a lot of effort and time to master it. To become a bartender, you need to perfect your skills. You can be social, learn quickly and have a lot of work experience, but without a bartending course behind you, it’s difficult to become a bartender in your dream bar.

By taking a class on bartending, you will learn all the skills you need to feel comfortable and safe behind the bar. You will learn how to pour several drinks at a time, how to entertain your clients or customer in style and how to prepare a drink under pressure. In addition to all this, you will also receive a certificate to help you become a bartender, as well as a complete menu of international drinks that will be stored in your memory. A good place to look for great bartending courses is emploi bar École du Bar formation .

#2: Select when and where you wish to work

With your certificate in hand, you really are ready to become a bartender. Where do you want to work? We are not talking about what bar you have in mind, you have to think globally and also in a longer timeframe. You might want to work in the greatest bar in the winter, or maybe more beach bum on the beach, which is attracted to summer resorts. When you become a bartender, the world becomes your blade, so accept the flexibility that comes alongside the profession.

#3: Prepare your CV and make it exceptional

Employers see several CVs. The question is how to get yours stand out. We had some of the best MatchStaff EBS tips on this, a job search platform exclusively for EBS graduates …

  • Keep it professionally, leave drunken holiday pictures of the vacation out of this.
  • List down your skills.
  • Add a little personality, give your CV some uniqueness.
  • Put your previous experience but ensure that it is relevant.
  • Be sure to go straight to the point and hold it on the page.

#4: Hunting for a bartender job on and off the street

Works are streamed online more often these days but do not be scared to walk into the bars and ask if you can turn in your CV. Make sure you are professionally dressed. You want to be employed as a bartender and not as a sports coach. Be kind and have a positive attitude, but do not be arrogant. A good first impression goes a long way on the road to becoming a bartender. “Your attitude is the first thing employers notice about you, so make sure it’s good, be kind, be nice and friendly.”