How to best choose University accommodation in Southampton in the UK

One of the paramount things you need when you get an admission to a university is a hostel accommodation. As a student, you need to secure a hostel accommodation for yourself. As the date of resumption is approaching, “how will I choose the best accommodation” will be a paramount question on your mind. To choose an accommodation could be a difficult decision to make for a student, but in this write-up, we will discuss some things that could help you in choosing a university accommodation in Southampton.

When you are to choose a university accommodation, there are some factors that you need consider. These factors will guide your choice if they are fully taken into account.


The first thing you need to consider whenever you want to choose University accommodation in Southampton is “do you want a Catered or self-catered hall?” You need to know the difference between a catered hall or self-catered hall. One of the things that differentiate a self-catered hall is that it has kitchens for students, with all essential items such as ovens, fridges, microwaves, and kettles in it. One of the benefits of a self-catered hall is that you can eat and cook anytime you want. While Catered hall operates more like a hotel or boarding school because breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be at the canteen each day, included in the rent paid. So the first thing is to ask yourself  is that “can you afford a catered hall or do you prefer a self-catered hall?”


Another thing you need to do is to consider the facilities that are available in the hall. Facilities available in an en suite room cannot be compared with facilities available in a standard room. So before you choose an accommodation, you must check if the facilities available there suit your interest. For someone who has a special interest in sports, an accommodation you secure must possess most sports facilities if not all, or you will not enjoy your stay during your study.


You need to also consider the location of the accommodation and the University location. Some students love halls far from their university while others love halls of residence located on their campus. Some of the hostel accommodation not located in the university might be a good 20-30 minute bus or train journey away. The choice depends on what suits you most.


The kind of university accommodation that you can afford needs to be also considered. The main reason is that it has a lot of influence on your choice. Self-catered hall and catered hall of the resident are different in price, so the one you would pick between the two would be determined by your income. An en suite room comes with more comfort than a standard room likewise its price is more than a standard room price.

With little tips mentioned above, you should have gotten an insight of how to best select a university accommodation in Southampton.