How to crack GD PI WAT rounds of top B-schools?

How to crack GD PI WAT rounds of top B-schools:After MBA entrance exam, the next round of selection at top B schools includes Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Written Ability Test (WAT), where candidates are assessed for their personality, aptitude, and decision making. GD PI WAT rounds of Top B Schools are not based on any particular topic, standard pattern or syllabus but around some general awareness topics, business case studies etc. There is no thumb rule to crack GD PI WAT rounds of top B schools, but with few strategic tips, candidates can ‘the one’ that any MBA college will welcome with open arms. Therefore, it is what you speak and write ‘on the spot’ which will decide your Selection at Top B schools.

Here are few tips to crack GD PI WAT rounds of MBA selection process:

Group Discussion:

In Group Discussion round of MBA admissions, 7-10 candidates are grouped to speak about a topic. A panel of judges assess candidates for their communication skills, critical thinking and subject knowledge on basis of GD round for MBA selection. During GD round, candidate should voice their opinions logically as well as with factual accuracy. This can be the best strategy, as GD has some rules which candidates can play well with their perfect interpersonal skills, communication skills, and subject knowledge. The candidates can crack GD round of top MBA schools with following tips –

  • If you are opening the GD round, maintain a warm tone, sound polite and confident
  • Don’t become a voice in the crowd rather stand out
  • Focus on body language and gestures
  • Listen carefully and then work around the topic for your GD round
  • Don’t blabber, Highlight your opinion to the point by speaking a little louder but not offending anyone
  • Talk and maintain eye contact with your group, not with the Jury
  • Be open and just about agreements and disagreements of other’s opinions in your GD group
  • Don’t cut or undervalue your group members’ opinions
  • Show your leadership skills, decision-making skills but don’t be bossy with your group

Personal Interview:

Personal Interview is a QnA round where a panel of judges assess candidates for their core knowledge, communication skills, and awareness about their goals and career objectives. PI round of B Schools sounds more like a job interview with typical questions such as ‘Tell us about Yourself’, ‘what are your plans after MBA’, ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses’, ‘work experience related questions’ as well as ‘hobbies and interests’ etc. These are the questions around a candidates’ work profile, personal goals and academic achievements. By asking candidates questions about their work experience and goals, the judges want to assess their work and team integrity, clarity of thoughts, genuineness as well as their convincing skills. Candidates can get here some tips to crack PI round top B schools –

  • Look presentable and confident for the interview for the ‘first impression’
  • Be attentive, listen to the questions carefully to understand what is being asked and then answer
  • Once, the question about your work profile will come, judges will start asking relevant questions around your experience and skills, be ready to answers all questions confidently and honestly
  • With questions regarding hobbies and goals, the judges may ask basic questions that candidates may will be able to answer only if they have core knowledge of that subject/topic around their hobby. For example, a candidate mentions that his hobby is painting or drawing, then judges can ask questions about the tools, colours, styles, famous artist in a particular style, work of a particular artist etc.
  • Share your work achievements, academic achievements and extracurricular even if it was a volunteer during an event at work or in schooling years

Written Ability Test (WAT) –

The WAT round is basically for assessing a candidates’ analytical and logical skills through essay writing test. Candidates may be given the same topic as of GD for their WAT round of the selection process. Now in WAT, which is an essay writing test, candidates need to write in a standard which is clear starting with an effective title, introduction, points explained properly and then the conclusion for the topic.

Candidates need to keep in mind about the time limit, writing skills, subject knowledge and command over the English language and grammar. Also, candidates need to write crisp yet rich essay for the WAT round of B Schools selection procedure. Below are some tips for WAT round:

  • Remember you are writing the essay for MBA selection therefore put logical sense in your content
  • Have a good knowledge of words you are using, do not use hefty words if not sure about their meaning and usage properly
  • In the essay you can point out both aspects i.e. in favour and against the topic and then mention you suggestion/understanding in the conclusion
  • Use bullets, numbering, and sub-headings for better presentation of essay for WAT round

In the end be acceptive of criticism/feedback by judges for your essay, understand their views and acknowledge good points/suggestions shared by them.

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