How to Use Different Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Many people in India are choosing more frequently than ever before to choose crowdfunding India to raise money for important and interesting causes, ranging from paying medical bills to financing aesthetic and creative projects. The crowdfunding process has also largely become familiar to the urban and educated young Indian, who is internet savvy and an avid social media user. This is no wonder, because crowdfunding thrives on the power of the huge crowd of donors, who each usually make small donations to reach a massive target together. Most of these donors are reached through social media sharing, so it is of momentous importance of what the crowdfunding India campaigner says on social media handles to attract the most generous donors.

Here is a quick guide on how to leverage your social media accounts to your best advantage when you run a crowdfunding campaign for any reason:

  1. Facebook: By far the most popular social media tool to publicize your fundraiser, Facebook is also the most flexible. With no limit for how much you can write or the number of photos or videos you can post. Use this to your best benefit and tell your story well and illustrate your case by adding visual material every time you ask for help.

  1. WhatsApp: Experts say that you have your best chance at WhatsApp success if you keep your message under 800 characters. You can also always send a photo post with image text which unto itself can be a call to action asking for a donation and/or a share. Create a broadcast on WhatsApp keeping your donor base informed about the progress of your project.

  1. Twitter: You have to tell a story and ask for a donation in under 280 characters! Eliminate everything that’s superfluous and cut to the chase! Include a UTM link to your fundraiser and a photo, because pictures are worth a thousand words. Cliched, but true.

  1. Instagram: Social media pundits say that Instagram is the Facebook of image sharing. But you have the liberty to tell stories in the caption, where there is no character limit. Choose hashtags wisely to draw traffic to your post, including ones that are direct solicitations for contributions to your chosen cause.

  1. Others: Other social media platforms, including but not limited to Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Medium and other blogging platforms are all about telling your story in long form copy to draw your audience in and allow them to make an emotional connect with the people in your story. Giving can only happen when this connection has been forged.

With these tips, you can take your social media sharing game to the best level and attract the most donations, and guarantee success for your crowdfunding India campaign.