How to write engaging PowerPoint slides

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Digital presentations have taken a turn for the better and they have taken over the corporate world with a bang. They have given people an edge over others during presentations and have helped sell out million dollar ideas. However, the big question still stands how do you write an engaging PowerPoint slide? The trick to doing this is simply using all the tools you have to bring your audience into the presentation. Yeah, I now that simply covers the ‘what’ part of it but I’ll show you the ‘how’ part as well. Here’s how to do it. You can also engage our PowerPoint Presentation Writing Service for quality PPT help.

  1. Content outline

It has so often been said a good design cannot save poor content. The validity of this statement has been proved over and over again on numerous occasions. PowerPoint slides are only a way of presenting your content. You have to have good content feed at first before you even decide on proceeding to the designs.

  1. Keep it simple

The main aim of a presentation is simply passing information in a way that everyone will understand. With that in mind, you need to keep your presentation simple and informative at the same time. Make sure that you use keywords and cut on a lot of non-informative junk. You can throw in a couple of illustrations as well to strengthen your point. This brings us to our next point;

  1. Use an appropriate visual aid.

The human mind works in a diagrammatic way and it is time to exploit this to get the job done. It will be easy for you to hear someone talking about after a presentation and they are talking about the diagram that was presented. How is this so? Take for example; you are trying to explain how trends have been in the market. It will be much easier if you came in with a bar graph, pie chart or a line chart to illustrate this. Also giving a picture of what you are projecting to achieve is another plus for you.

  1. Make it colorful;

If I had the option to buy a black and white TV or a full HD colored TV, trust me I would go for the colored one. I am a firm believer in that color brings life and invokes emotion. Make good of your colors and exploit this opportunity. It is easier to illustrate a simple chart in colors that one that is marked by dots, crosses, and stripes.

  1. Maintain one idea per slide

One of the things that people are keen to notice during a presentation is how organized you are. Putting your ideas all in one slide is not advisable. Despite the shallowness of an idea let it remain solo on its slide. You can add a picture just to spice it up a bit (if necessary). This helps you even back-trace your steps in the event someone needs clarification on anything.

You also need to invest in a quality presentation and make sure that you don’t go only for the free package offered and you can try to outsource for more material to boost your theme and presentation in general.