How Universities Can Use Direct Mail For Encouraging Students? Find Out Here

It is more than important for universities to use more than one medium for appealing to students. There’s no denying that young minds are on the internet, but marketing emails often go unread. Experts agree that direct mail and online marketing should be included and combined to get more students interested in applying for varied courses. Here’s how direct mail marketing can help in filling up spots.

Clearing is one aspect that universities and students are equally concerned about, and it’s not surprising that around 20% of students come through clearing. To make the most of it, direct mail services from a known marketing service is of utmost importance.

Understanding direct mail services & Generation Z

Generation Z is about the internet. This is a generation that has grown up to see the new age of Google, but surprisingly, direct mail services are still relevant to them. Online advertising is overdone to say the least, and education marketing is getting more predictable by the day. With direct mail, it is possible to bring in trust and more transparency.

Going by MNI reports, 61% respondents agreed that their generation may benefit from unplugging, while around 41% admitted to avoiding their phone. More than 80% agreed to using different forms of print media for trusted information. It is now estimated that this generation, which is constantly used to getting information in seconds, may actually end up being pivotal for reviving print.

Plan strategically

Working with direct mail companies for your requirements can be challenging of sorts, because unless there are clear goals, any form of marketing doesn’t really yield results. In that context, understanding the success of direct mail for previous clearing campaigns is important. It is also necessary to talk about changes in learning environment and select courses and offerings for students in detail. For clearing, it is best to have a budget, so that the direct mail service can understand the possible scope.

Invest in marketing brochures

The best direct mail houses agree that marketing brochures are important for offering a sneak peek into the student life within the campus and courses on offer. The use of such brochures as personalised direct mailing is nothing new in education marketing, mainly because tangible products often bring trust. As far as open rate is concerned, direct mail works better than email marketing. Also, marketing brochures are more likely to be read and allows students to come back later too. The good thing is many direct mail companies offer amazing services for creating unique and trending brochures. Consider varied print finishing techniques to create an impression.

A word on Dimensional mail

Dimensional mail is getting more relevant and has better penetrating power than generic direct mail. However, do consider the costs, especially design costs and postage, but there’s no denying that dimensional mail creates the urge for respond.

There are many reasons to invest in direct mail marketing. Firstly, it boosts the profile for your university and encourage students to respond. It works as personalized marketing and offers a better response rate for sure.

To know more on direct mail, get in touch with a competent mailing house now.

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