Importance of Education in India

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India is witnessing the age of science and technology. There is a huge demand for professional/technical Girl Child Education in the modern age. The evolving pattern of life at this age is much different from the one we would find in our society fifty years back. Technical Education imparts knowledge of a specific trade, craft or profession. Technical Education can meet the increasing demands of expanding society and its multiplying demands and development. The industries, mechanized systems,and scientific research centers all over the world prove that our bond with the past is breaking and instead of bare hands we must use machines and technological devices for all-round development and regeneration of human society.

In our everyday life and every sphere of our life, the influence of science and technology is becoming so pervasive that human existence is simply inconceivable in its absence. This is why, to train our students or professionals in response to the need of the time, our education system must be reorganized to give it the necessary practical and technical bias. The Government of India is also very keen for universal recognition of our education system, and because of that, all universities are trying hard to get the NBA accreditation.

In free India, theGirl Child Education was thoroughly reorganized again stressing the importance of science and technology to bring about a total regeneration. Hence, quite a number of regional engineering colleges, private/self-financial institutes of technology, and centers for researches in science came into existence all over the country to provide technical education. This role of educational institutions found it necessary to redefine its goal mainly related to economic development and to ensure a place for India in the community of prosperous nations. It was not just an end, it was the dream of modern India, and technical education was given the due importance with a view to realizing that dream. Besides this, in this age of unemployment, only technical education can assure one a job and a comfortable life. Otherwise, fresh graduates fall victims to frustration and find themselves alienated from the mainstream of the modern world.

Education streams pertaining to science & technology and their management have acquired great importance and gained a lot of recognition too. However, it is easy to understand that science can only provide the requisite information & technology can give us the means to achieve effectively and efficiently what is considered valuable & worthwhile by human beings. Therefore, it acquires prime importance to know clearly, what really is valuable for human beings.

Education helps a person realize their potential, which in return helps foster a stronger and cohesive society. Denying one access to this is to deny one the very basic right to be a complete human being. The importance ofGirl Child Educationhas to be permeated at every level of human society: the family, the community and the state at large.Education is essential for creating equality and eliminating barriers and discrimination on the basis of race, gender,and economic status. A nation’s progress and development depend on the availability of this basic civil right of education to all its citizens.

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Jackson Moses in this piece expatiate on the important role Girl Child Education plays in the lives of Indian girls. He further highlighted the disadvantage of denying the girl child the right to education.