Insights of Career Options in Fashion Industry for Aspirants

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Fashion industry has grabbed the attention of people all over the world more than ever before. Gone are the days, when kids were allowed to pursue careers like engineering, medical and accountants. These days, a lot of career opportunities can be found in fashion industry. If you are still confused about how to make your career in this field, you can read below to find out which one suits you in the best possible manner as per Charles Tyrwhitt men’s shirts:

Fashion accountant

As the name suggests, it deals with the accounts, budgeting and financial records on the fashion industry. In order to work as an accountant in this industry, you need to have some background in mathematics such as accounts, economics or any other form of financial study. When working as an account in fashion industry, you will work closely with the designers to control over the manufacturing process budget wise.

Fashion Journalism

This field is appropriate for people with the skills of creative writing. This is because, you will write about latest in fashion industry in terms of cloths, accessories and styles. You may be required to travel to meet new people and interview them to know about what the latest is. It is a good idea to get A-level in creative English writing. In order to start, you can also write a fashion blog and get in touch with online magazines.

Fashion Illustrator

In this professional, you will be making sketches and designs of the garments and will work closely with designers who will actually make the cloths. You must have in-depth knowledge of graphic designs and an eye for fashion. It is suggested to have a degree in GCSEs. They must be able to produce advertising copy and promotional materials.

Garment Technologist

As a garment technologist, you will check the quality of the materials to be used in the manufacturing processes. You will work with the designers, accounts and pattern graders. In order to work in this field, you should have in-depth knowledge of textiles and manufacturing processes.

Pattern grader

As a pattern grader, you will have an important role to play in fashion industry. You will be required to scale-up and scale-down patterns to create the similar products of same sizes. You need to take accurate measurements and should have knowledge of mathematics, designing and skills in textiles.

Based on your interest, skills and academic background, you should be able to make the right career choice.