Internet over books? – The debate of preferences!

With the oncoming of the internet as the most significant resource to daily knowledge – people have started to prefer reading articles and blogs on the internet rather than picking up books from the shelves. The fast lifestyle, shortage of time and the need to stay put with one thing in their hand don’t work anymore. But does that mean that books are losing their charm?

Internet or books – the debate has been going for quite a while now. While one seems to be the fastest ways to search up something for instant knowledge, other is a reading experience that is incomparable. Here is how the internet and books are two broad spectrums that have divided the audience but remains a juggle for us daily!


Both internet and books come at a cost. While web involves usage of a gadget like a smartphone, laptop etc. books require a price to be paid for reading it. But when we look at it, the expense of reading a book is much less as compared to buying a gadget and an internet connection. Besides books can be read by borrowing from your friends or just spending time at a library but the internet can be your resource only when you own it.


The Internet is very much like a TV or a medium of connection where one gets through to advertisement, entertainment, and information in a single platform. There are articles, blogs, news and many other options but there is never an in-depth knowledge from a credible source for a required subject. One shall find multiple topics related to one subject covered in a single book which suffices to provide in-depth knowledge and guidance on the subject to the person. This is why the education system still functions on the book format of learning.


Internet is portable enough to carry in your pocket, but at times it may just support because of a weak connection. A book, on the other hand, is a manual, light and picket friendly thing to carry no matter anywhere you go. One can have access to books at any place and start reading it.

Feel of the book!

The art of printing a book has gone a significant change for generations. Right from where it started to today the experience of reading through a book, touching a paper, feeling the print etc. have become more juvenile. Publishing houses lay particular attention to book quality, feel, covers, prints etc. to make it an experience for the reader. Holding a book and spending time with it is an incomparable experience which goes missing on the internet.

Authors and writers

There are millions of writers sharing their views online or running their blogs. But all of them have one thing in common – they want to get their books published. No matter how famous you get with your articles and writings on the internet, everyone wants to see a hard copy of their writings which they can hold, carry and share with others. Internet might be a place to connect and read them too, but the experience of holding the write-up in hand is different!

Promotion of books on the internet

Internet being such a powerful medium to learn, read and write is a hub for the publishers selling books online. E-commerce stores are selling books more than ever and expanding their services to people in the form of faster delivery, faster access, discounted books on etc. There are more number of manual books displayed on the internet websites than the number of e-books sold online. All of it shows that people are still fond of choosing books over the internet.

The search

When it comes to searching for something meaningful to learn – books don’t offer as good as source as the internet does. With an instant result on the meaning of the word, definitions, related article and more all the manual efforts of searching for it is dedicated. Internet makes it easier for a person to gather knowledge when they are in a state of doubt. All of this happens in a matter of a few clicks rather than spending hours into books finding the right book and the right topic.

Reading experience

A computer screen is never going to match the old charm of sitting at a bookstore and reading a book. The people around, brewed coffee and the conversations held with finding a commonplace book with someone have no space on the internet.

Neither will ‘internet’ take away the charm of the books nor will the books be able to provide for what internet does. Internet and books shall co-exist and give the users with knowledge, learning and experience which is unmatched yet fulfilling!