Knowledge in a technological way


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As we are in the 21st century, so the way to carry out every work is by handling them differently. In the same way, knowledge is also provided online with the help of ONLINE HIGH SCHOOL. These online High Schools provide knowledge with the help of videos and online text. The teachers are available 24 hours in the service of students.

Another thing which is very much accurate in the online High School is that the student stays focused in front of their parents when they are gaining knowledge from the online video classes. The online schools have advantages, but some of the major disadvantages are also there in the working of online schools. But there is a major difference in the working of regular schools and online High Schools.

Difference between online and regular schools

Online and regular schools are having a very major difference because the working of schools is different and some of the major difference are listed below:

  • The online schools are not having any classrooms whereas the regular schools have their building.
  • Online schools provide video classes which are recorded whereas regular schools are conducted with the classes by the faculty members.
  • Online schools are having an examination pattern and timetable very much different from the regular School.

How regular are schools better than the online schools?

The regular schools are having many advantages over the online schools because the system of online schools somewhere lacks as we compare them to the regular schools:

  1. Most of the online schools do not take exams in written form, which shows that this system can be molded in any manner.
  2. In the regular schools, there is discipline among the children because manners are given practically to the students.
  3. Students in regular school are quite punctual as compared to the online High Schools.