Life and health insurance examinations and answers

The life and health insurance exam is a test offered on virtual university platforms for life license certification and health online. All individuals seeking to sell insurance products must have a state insurance license.
Each state has its own unique life and health insurance exam questions and answers, therefore, the tests and requirements differ. The exam consists of 150 questions that should be completed within two and a half hours. The questions in the exam are in different multiple-choice formats namely:

  • Direct questions
  • Incomplete sentences
  • All of the following except

Each question has four possible choices from which a candidate should choose. The exam covers eighteen content areas. Exams are handled on personal computers. Upon completion, the candidate immediately receives results. The score report is three part consisting of the overall score, the percentage of questions correctly answered and the final decision regarding whether the candidate has passed or failed.

Thompson Prometric administers the life and health insurance exam questions. Those wishing to sit for the exam are required to register on the Prometric website for a test date and location.
An exam simulation and diagnostic tool have been designed to handle three major problems one faces in order to qualify for the license.

Functions of the diagnostic tool

  • Identifying the important information that will appear on the exam
  • Proving your proficiency  by passing the test
  • Mastering the intricate details of life and health insurance

An online course will help you remember insurance vocabulary, products, and concepts that will be tested in the licensing exam. This course should be presented in a user-friendly and an easy to read language without legal complexities. Some of the preparation tests offered for the exam include:

The life pre-license
This section covers relevant topics, factors, and concepts about life policies and insurance. Accurate practice text questions and detailed answers are provided to prepare you for the actual exam. It consists of annuities, policies, underwriting premiums and insurance policies.

Health pre-license
The topics covered under the preparation for the health exam include group policies, accident and health insurance concepts, disability and premiums. Students can easily track their progress on all license exams. An average candidate should study for thirty-five to forty hours to pass the exam preferably over the course of a few weeks rather than cramming over a few days before the exam.  Once you pass, you receive a license that allows you to sell insurance products. The license is issued by the state insurance commissioner in the respective state. Then you will be authorized to solicit and sell different types of insurance, including life and disability, auto or worker’s compensation and health.

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