Make a Child read in a Proper and Effective way

One of the biggest milestones in every child’s life is reading and it is not easy. However, with the help of a parent’s participation, this process can be eased evenly. There are different routines that can be induced in the lifestyle of kids and make them follow the same. Parents generally send their ward to school and just sit back to watch their ward grow but teach children to read is not their concern. This is incorrect because the study begins at home and it requires the active participation of the parents. There are methods of teaching and the parents can easily grab them for teaching their children.   

Methods that are Considerable:

Two methods are being used currently for teaching students and both of them have their own pros.

  • Phonics
  • Whole language

Above mentioned are the tactics that are actually working and the first one which is phonics is bit popular because many have heard about this. However, the whole language concept may not be clear because it is used by a few to teach children to read. In phonics, the learning process is delivered by sounding the letters for reading a complete word. In the whole language, the children start learning with complete words. The main idea behind both methods is the same as the way a child learns to speak.

Are they beneficial?

It is clear that both the tactics are different and both of them can be adopted by the parents to teach children to read. If it is about phonics then parents must know that this method builds a better base for the children because pronunciation gets better along with reading capability. Apart from this spelling and word power and memory retaining abilities also get developed. Word construction power of phonics allows the student to grasp from different group and individuals as well.

However, when the whole language is used then it is easy for the children to recognize the reading part. In this process, the words that are used daily are focused and they can remember it easily. Word building or construction is not required in this case. It is also creative and interesting because the children can actually comprehend.  

However, if the child is more attracted towards visual learning then whole language tactics is correct and in the case of audio learning phonics cannot be replaced. So, the parents can easily figure this fact out and select the appropriate method for their children.