More and More Convenience

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In the past it was necessary to plan ahead for everything – you knew all the stores would be closed on Sundays and on all the holidays so you had to plan, plan, plan so you could get all of your business taken care of during active business hours.  You knew you would have to mail all of your utility payments or make arrangements to go into the companies with your payments. On top of that, you knew that it would take time to post payments and that there was a due date on them.  Back in those days, the only way you could educate yourself was to enroll in brick and mortar colleges and, sometimes, those colleges were very far away from home.

Then, gradually, stores decided they could make more money if they were open on Sundays and holidays.  OOOH! And then some of them decided that they could make more money if they stayed open all night long. All for the customer’s convenience and to increase their business.  Utility companies figured out that they could use outlets at your favorite stores for your convenience. Someone got the brilliant idea to offer different classes through mail-order, also for your convenience (and their wallets).  Then, BOOM! Someone invented the Internet and the world as we knew it changed forever!

In this modern age, you don’t actually have to leave home for anything if you don’t want to.

Thanks to the Internet, you can do all of your shopping, including groceries, from the comfort of your own home in your underwear if you wish. Companies such as Amazon  Your utility bill payments come right out of your bank account instantly, the second they are due (if you set them up that way) or you can just log in to your account and pay right there.  And, talk about convenience! Just about every college and university in the United States offers at least some courses through Internet platforms, some of them offer entire degrees through the Internet and, some of them are ONLY online!  And, even if you decide to enroll in a college that is far from home, the Internet gives you instant access to all of the information you could imagine for more schools than can be listed here! Even if you are not striving for an actual degree, there are many other learning opportunities available to just about everyone, all thanks to the Internet.  For example, many companies offer short workshops and video tutorials. Learning a language has also become a lot easier with the huge boom in online learning. Before you had to make time in your day to visit a class room, often some distance from your house and be there at a certain time and date. Now that services such as Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp are around, Learning English by Skype is becoming increasingly popular. It is also possible to find native English teachers by Skype on some online platforms that can help with a host of other aspects of your life, such as preparing for an exam, gaining access to college or helping you to pass a job interview.

Because of the Internet, we enjoy more and more convenience every day.  We also enjoy far more opportunities to better ourselves if we are ambitious enough to take those opportunities.  We don’t even have to rush off to a doctor every time something is wrong because the Internet is full of medical sites and home remedies for us to browse through.

How will all the convenience look in the future? Well, some people predict this is only the beginning for online shopping. With smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo we can see there are endless possibilities for how shopping will advance in our home in the future.