Most Important Languages You Should Learn

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As you have probably known already, the world is full of different people using different languages. Most of the time each country is using a different language. Those who are just in their birth land since birth and have never traveled to another country usually is just familiar with their own mother tongue.

Though the world is comprised of so many languages, only a few of them are greatly used. The others are just used by a few people thus such types of languages cannot affect even those who are constantly in transit.

Are you the traveler type? If that is the case, you should be familiar with the languages that are greatly used all over the world:

  1. Chinese – this is considered as the most used language by so many people. In fact, it is said that out of 6 people, one of them is speaking Chinese. Roughly, there are about 1.2 billion people who are speaking this language. If you wish to be understood by most of the people across the world, you should learn how to speak this language.
  2. Spanish – next to Chinese, we have Spanish in which there are about 400 million speakers. Though compared to Chinese language, there are fewer people using Spanish, still, they are greatly scattered all over the world. Thus if you want more continent to open up for you, familiarizing this language can help you a great deal.
  3. English – we all know that this is the most popular language. Most countries have inhabitants who are familiar with speaking English. This is also what they consider as the business language and most of the time, the language chosen in printouts, computers and so on. This is even considered as the universal language. So if you only have to choose one language, this should be your priority.
  4. Hindi – comes at number four, this has 23 official languages. If you are planning to visit India or Pakistan, you need to first learn how to speak Hindi.

The bottom line here is, if you are a traveler, learning foreign language aside your own mother tongue can definitely bring you to a lot of places. You might think that as long as you know how to speak English, you can just march to any country but that is definitely not the case.

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