Myths About Generic Printer in the Market

It is amazing that there is a number of myths about ink cartridges in the market. Definitely, the OEM brand name companies want people to buy their products sold at an inflated rate. Let’s take a look at some common myths about ink cartridges and clear up the rubbishes.

My Generic Ink Cartridge Dried Up

The only time this can happen is in warm conditions, and the grade of the ink is low. Some low-grade cartridges can dry up, but a good generic will take years to dry or get congealed if not thinly spat onto paper.

Many times, when the ink is sitting on the in the printhead, which gets dried up actually and the cartridge seems to have dried up, but it isn’t the case mostly, as the nozzles are even thinner than the hair of a human.

Generic Printer Won’t Work in my Printer

This one we actually hear a lot of times. The generic cartridge didn’t work in your Canon PGI 250XL printer might be because you purchased it from eBay, and might be they were region locked.

Is your cartridge sitting rightly on the actual printing positions? Is your printer has the latest drivers? There can be ample amount of reasons why generic cartridge didn’t work on your printer.

Clogged printhead might also be the reason. Actually, this is the most common cause why a generic cartridge doesn’t work.

No printer won’t work on the generic ink cartridge.

The printer will Get Damaged Due to Generic Inks

When you use a quality generic cartridge in your PGI 250 printer, this is never going to happen. When the quality cartridge is not used, the ink leaks into your printer and your printer might get damaged.

Warranty will be Voided of My Printer

This is the scare tactic used by companies to make sure that they get on getting those high-priced cartridges from them. And it seems like they did a pretty good job. In any country in the world, there are statutory guarantees. So, if even they write that your warranty will get void, they can’t do that. And also, don’t you think using generic cartridges for a year will give you enough money to even buy a new printer.

Compatibles has Lower Page Yield

Every non-genuine cartridge contains the same amount of ink as do the genuine cartridges. In a few cases, you will find that genuine cartridges have a lower amount of ink compared to generic cartridges and thus give greater page yield.