Perfect Preparation Options with the Syllogism Questions

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Assessment instruments are certainly not perfect, but they are better and more objective than what happens in IBPS interviews with Govt interviewers. People in the business world discriminate without being aware of it, which happens much less in assessments with qualified psychologists. The latter know which errors of judgment and biases they can make and how to prevent them. In addition, you are entitled to a follow-up interview in an assessment, which can be guiding for future career decisions.

The Experiments:

An assessment on Syllogism Questions is a free career advice. If the assessment or outcome is disappointing, you can always approach the potential employer (client) and tell what you think was wrong with the assessment. Tell them that you have a bad taste, but that you still want the job. Proactivity and perseverance are important to achieve something and employers appreciate that. Apparently this has not been sufficiently presented in your assessment in your case. Remember that the assessment report is an advice, it is not binding.

The Base of an Assessment:

It all depends on what kind of assessment it is and who executes it. In a comparative selection assessment, a choice must be made between several candidates. This is best done by a psychologist who uses psychometric tools and has a professional code of professional conduct. You have nothing to lose. If it concerns a development or career advice you can only learn from it. But always research who the stakeholders are and what your position is in the whole. Sometimes there is (still) a hidden scenario of the employer, and assessment psychologists are (so far) paid by the client. They are bound by the professional code, but they do take the client’s interests into account. After all, they also have to eat. When it comes to an assessment in the context of a reorganization / reassignment, you really have to legally close everything first, because before you know it you are suddenly unsuited for something that you have been doing satisfactorily for 20 years. You are on the street. But if you can trust the psychologist, you may get a way out of a senseless and energy-consuming situation.


Because assessments are carried out by psychologists who are bound by their professional code you have to deal with professionals who take responsibility, treat you with respect, and are knowledgeable and honest. It will therefore not happen that things are discussed with the client behind your back that you do not know about, or that things are open to different interpretations and may be to your disadvantage. The psychologist involved will discuss all these things openly with you, even if the employer wants to get rid of you, for example. In that case, a psychologist will not take an assessment (integrity!) But will advise you to take a lawyer. So you do not have to worry, you can always take an assessment of Syllogism Questions with confidence: it is a unique learning experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life.