Planning On Studying In USA? Here Are The USA VISA Requirements You Must Know!

Going to USA for higher education has kind of become a trend these days. After all, colleges in USA do grant world class facilities highly learned and experienced professors, and excellent job offers depending on your performances. So why shouldn’t students give a shot at education abroad? However, there are certain requirements if you want to study in USA for international students. Well if you are planning to go to a high school or college in the States, then here are a few things you need to know about USA visa and the documents required for it.

 There are 2 types of Visa

  • F-1 Visa: This is the visa that is required if you want to go to an approved US school or college, accredited by USA Education Board and approved English language program. This is the most common type of students Visa. If your course study is more than 18 hours a week, which is very general in all schools and colleges, then you need to apply for this Visa.
  • M-1 Visa: This is for training programs in USA universities, which constitute of less than 18 hours a week. Students who go for special education programs may require this Visa.
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Documents Required For Application Of USA Visa

  • Current Valid Passport.
  • All previous Passports.
  • Recent passport size photographs with white background.
  • DS-160 Confirmation Page with barcode.
  • HDFC Visa applications fee receipts.
  • Appointment letter of the institution you are going to.
  • SEVIS Receipt and I-120.
  • Supporting documents required as per your Visa type.

Supporting Documents for F1 form

  • Documents demonstrating strong financial, social and family ties to your home country. This is proof that you will return to your home country after your studies.
  • Financial documents that will support your application which will support your academic requirements showing you have funds to support your education.
  • Original copies of bank statements and passbooks need to be shown and copies need to submit during the application process.
  • Proof of documents if you are being sponsored by another person, demonstrating your relationship with the person, the sponsor’s bank statements and passbooks, tax forms and fixed deposit statements.
  • Academic documents which portray your scholastic and academic preparations, previous grades and school transcripts.

What happens when Visa is rejected or delayed?

You need to apply for your Visa at least 4 months before the time you need to travel to the States.

There are times when a Visa is delayed due to delay in processing. However, there is a fair chance that your Visa might be rejected as much as there is a chance of its approval. You need to consolidate with your consultant for that.

If your Visa is rejected, then you have to reapply, pay the fees and schedule another interview appointment. The US Embassy will guide you in the process.

Hope this article could guide you in some way for your Visa application for study in USA for international students.  Best wishes for your travel and studies!

Author Bio: Intelligent Partners is a well known student education consultancy firm based in Dubai. They help students to study abroad in the universities of their choice. They also help in putting together the visa requirements and admission documentation.