Student life guide: tips to survive living in a dorm

Student years are the most beautiful ones of someone’s life. You are young, have a positive attitude about everything, with so many hopes and dreams. You already feel like you need to start being independent and moving out from your parents’ house to a college dorm where you can experience the student life entirely. However, you should know that living in a dorm is not only about throwing parties, having beers and playing games with your friends. It is going to be tough from time to time when you start missing having privacy in your house or your mother’s delicious food that you just have to eat without spending hours to cook. Keep calm and read below how to survive these crucial moments when you start to regret not being a kid anymore.

Learn tolerance

This is the rule no. 1 to survive in a dorm! You are not living alone anymore and you are going to be constantly surrounded by a lot of other students. All of you come from different backgrounds, with different habits that are going to be incredibly strange and annoying to each other. However, you need to learn how to be tolerant. Most probably, others do not approve your habits as well, but they just learn how to deal with them and this exactly what you have to do also. So, prepare to have to cope with loud music and laughs when you have to study for an exam you are having the next day and with long waiting lines for showers.

Make lots of friends

When you start living in a dorm there is no place for shyness. You need to socialize as much as possible, attend all the events that are taking place and make many friends. It is going to be incredibly hard if you do not know anybody and your only option will be to stay inside your room on your laptop. When being a student is the time when you start to discover and slowly understand yourself better, that is why you need to have as many experiences as possible with new people that you can learn from.

Stay organized

No, your mom won’t come anymore to clean your room. From now on, it is going to be your responsibility to have a clean room that has fresh air constantly. So, if you do not want to have to clean for hours daily so that you have enough free space in the bed to sleep, be organized and place everything exactly where it should after you have used it. After some time, you will realize that your room is way too small for all your stuff, that is the moment when you should consider taking some of them back home, using a self storage unit or throwing away the ones that are already too worn out.

Lock door at night

Let’s be honest, parties are going to be a thing in your dorm. You do not want to wake up in the middle of the night with some drunk students that came to the wrong room because of their “condition”. Better lock the door and save yourself from having to deal with such an awkward situation.

Book a place for laundry in advance for weekends

Doing laundry only during weekends is like an unwritten law in dorms. Everyone waits for the weekend to wash their clothes, so if you also have this preference, make sure you book a place for it in advance.