Take Our Online Mold Remediation Classes

Our mold remediation classes are among the best in the industry. In particular, our Mold Remediation – Micro CMRC Certification course offers a multimedia learning experience that will help you achieve a nationally-recognized MICRO CMRC certification after you complete the online final exam.

This course is 30 hours long and provides a comprehensive look at mold remediation. It covers more than just an introduction, though. It provides an incredibly in-depth look at mold remediation, which is containing, eliminating, or sanitizing items with mold contamination.

Mold can severely affect the health of occupants of a building. It can cause severe allergic reactions, allergy-like symptoms, and skin irritations, among other problems. Learning how to eradicate mold can add a valuable skill to your current skill set.

The course has 17 modules, and it teaches you everything that you need to know to begin working as a mold remediator. You’ll have an online video instructor to guide you through the course, and you will also receive all course materials necessary to pass the class and which you can use as reference materials down the road, such as the IICRC S520 Remediation Standard and Reference Guide.

Your course fees includes phone access to your instructors to answer your questions, course materials, exam fees, our satisfaction and success guarantee, certification fees, and a one-year MICRO membership.

In the course, you’ll learn about topics like risk management, inspection and monitoring tools, building and material science, mold and health, mold and its characteristics, containment materials and devices, worker training and protection, remediation tools and methods, HVAC remediation, production chemicals, and more. You’ll be prepared to inspect and remove mold from all buildings and ready to embark on a new career or to add mold remediation to your current business services.

Our online program doesn’t require you to take time away from family and work to travel to a training. You can learn when and where you want. You can learn at your own speed and review anything you want at any time you want. Classroom learning may go too fast or slow, and this format helps you get through the training at the right speed for you. Our online learning system is simple to use, and your instructor is only a phone call away if you have questions about content.

Contact us to learn more about our mold remediation classes today! We look forward to helping you get certified as a mold remediator.