The Need for Critical Thinkers in Our Society

Unfortunately, Pakistan has students who lack critical thinking even at professional, educational levels. With the plethora of opinions being casually thrown around; especially with the growth of social media, where everyone thinks that their opinions are apparently superior to the rest and free of contradiction. People seem to have a bigoted approach that their ideas cannot be challenged. Furthermore, people tend to adapt the mob mentality and believe that they must express similar views in order to fit into a particular group – even if they are unwilling to fully accept and practically implement the exact same opinions in their lives. That is why students tend to run towards online thesis help. They have become so accustomed to adapting popular opinions that they are unable to formulate their personal ones when the need arrives.

Why Our Students Are Unable to Think Critically?

  • Rote Learning Mentality

Students are not the only ones to blame when it comes to the lack of critical thinking capabilities in them. Our educational system is more focused on producing parrots than actually allowing students to learn. Especially when it comes to the more conventional and obsolete method of learning; where students are required to write answers strictly according to formats and notes provided to them. This way, they put in zero to minimal effort into understanding the text and reproducing it in an original manner. No wonder they need dissertation writing services in the future.

  • Lack of Teacher’s Insights

Teachers are either too busy or disinterested in effectively checking their students’ essays and test papers. By merely getting a grade on their final exams or homework assignments, students tend to remain clueless as to where exactly did they lose their marks. Constructive criticism, especially coming from a more learned individual highly contributes to changing the perspective of students; it is essentially what encourages them to think critically. With the lack of this insight, students resort to THESIS EDITING AND PROOFREADING SERVICES, since they are almost always doubtful of the way they have expressed themselves, whether they have effectively communicated or if they have made use of the proper language.

  • Inculcate the Habit of Reading

Let’s face it, most students refuse to adapt a healthy reading habit – although, even if you read as a many as forty pages daily, you will notice a visible difference in the way you write and express yourself. It the duty of teachers and parents to strictly inculcate good reading habits; that includes reading classics and reputable news magazines. The more information one has, the more equipped they are with the tools to articulate their words effectively. One can also counter-argue and reason better with others. Students who lack a proper reading habit have confessed to resorting to thesis help.

  • Encourage Students to Ask Questions

Sadly, incompetent teachers are unable to accept the challenges that they might face from one fairly inquisitive student; imagine how he/she would feel if the entire class started to question his concepts. Hence, in our education system, the idea of actively asking questions and even deeply pondering over the subject has been shunned. Teachers either do not even bother giving the students their voice or they cunningly evade questions that are thrown at them. This does not only make a child feel more hesitant about asking questions, but it also kills their ability to think critically. These are the exact same students who even struggle to analyze their own words later and need thesis editing and proofreading service.

Our youth is seriously being damaged by our school systems that are only interesred in either making money or giving out the very conventional method of education, that completely lacks effective learning. This way, when it comes to making massively challenging decisions based on critical thinking, like voting for a president or starting up your own business from scratch based on the society’s need people are lost and merely resort to the popular opinion. This must stop if we really need to proper as a nation.