The Rewards of Recovery

Many, or even most people start a recovery program in an attempt to make someone else happy. Whether that someone else is a judge, a spouse, a parent or another significant influence, the focus in the beginning often seems to be getting away from something. Hurting individuals want to get away from pain, away from a possible jail sentence, away from a divorce. The sober living houses Delray Beach are a way to get away from the negative effects of addictive addiction by working toward the rewards that come with recovery.

The program of recovery gives individuals a safe, clean place so that they can focus on the work that needs to be done to heal mentally, physically and spiritually. This includes attending AA and/or NA meetings, working with a sponsor, daily prayer and meditation and, perhaps most importantly, working the steps as outlined in the recovery literature. At sober living houses Delray Beach, the environment is supportive and centered around getting better and making the way back into society to be a productive individual.

When individuals are new to recovery they may feel that the program is punitive, because they are usually there because things went badly in their lives. Therefore it is important to let people know about the promises and rewards in recovery as soon as possible. Even if it may seem impossible to visualize the promises in their own lives, hearing the stories from others can let them know that the promises can come true for them too.

On pages 83 and 84 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, there is a description of what will happen when individuals make their way through the steps. This directly follows the section explaining how to make amends, which is not just an apology but an attempt to make up for any wrongdoing. Once that happens, recovering alcoholics and addicts no longer feel trapped by guilt and regret. Among the promises is that they will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it, as they will use their experience to help others.

One amazing promise is that the fear of people and economic insecurity will go away. Many laugh and say that for them, people and economic insecurity didn’t go away, but they made peace with what seemed like impossible relationships and circumstances. The final promise in the list is that “we will see how God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.” Life stops being a struggle and instead starts being a journey where they can share with like-minded fellows. At sober living houses Delray Beachhttp://, there are many people who can share their experiences and help guide new people to realize the rewards of recovery.