The Undeniable Truth about a Medical Assistant Career that No One is Telling You

Being a medical assistant is one of those careers that everyone is talking about these days. So we are wondering, why has it become so popular to want to become a medical assistant? For one, it is all about getting yourself into a job market that is growing all the time. Medical assistants are more in-demand than ever before, which means that you have to take such an opportunity with both hands and really see if you are ready to make it in this career path. So we have compiled some tips that will help you as you try to become a medical assistant. And if you want even more info, you can click here.


1. Education

The first step is to get your medical assistant certification. The process starts by enrolling in a class, and you can usually find those offered by your local state or community college. When you get your class done, you can sit for your CMA exam. Each state has a slightly different exam, but the material covered is generally the same. If you pass your exam, you will have your CMA certification, which means you can work or intern wherever you want. It is also a good idea to get your BLS/CPR and First Aid certifications, because those can come in handy.

2. Internships

When you have completed your class and your exam, you will have to spend some hours at an internship or externship. These are unpaid positions, but they allow you to complete the hour-requirement that you need before you can work full-time or part-time in a paid position. And they are also a great way to understand if you are really cut out for the CMA world. If you really enjoy your internship, you may even make some contacts who can help you get a job in the future! So make sure you take it seriously.

3. Network

You have to network if you want to succeed as a CMA. Every single contact you make, whether it is in class or at your internship, is someone who can help you get a job in the future. And you have to take all of these interactions seriously, because when someone puts in a good word for you with a doctor’s office or a hospital, they are the ones who are really helping you get the job that you want. So make sure you work very hard to get the types of opportunities that you need when starting out as a CMA.

4. Build Experience

Most of the top CMA jobs in all states require two or more years of experience. So that means you have to really grab any viable job opportunity that comes your way, get your two years of experience out of the way, and then you can try and find that “dream job” in the CMA field. It may sound like a lot work, but you are going to enjoy all of these steps, and being a CMA is a really rewarding career path.