Top Mistakes To Avoid Before Leaving To Study Abroad

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If you are currently getting ready to leave the country to go study abroad, you should know that both your trip and your experience in a new country will be much smoother sailing if you are aware of some basic mistakes that you can learn about and avoid before leaving on your trip.

Here are the top mistakes you will want to avoid before leaving to go study abroad:

You Don’t Pack Smart

Packing to go study abroad is always more difficult than packing for a shorter vacation because you want to bring everything you think you need but at the same time you’re very limited with what you can bring.

Here’s some advice: bring a maximum of two suitcases, and not anymore. Hopefully you won’t need to do any checked luggage, but still, you shouldn’t need more than two suitcases at the very most.

You Don’t Set Up A Money Transfer Service Account

You will need to set up an account with a remittance service that allows you to convert currencies and then send money.

You’ll simply have peace of mind of secure money transfers if you set up the account, knowing that you and your family can easily convert money and then send it to and from each other.

You Don’t Get A Clean Bill of Health

Always go to your doctor to get checked out and get a clean bill of health before you leave on your trip. On this same subject, it’s also smart to find out what the immunization rules are for the country you’ll be going to and to get immunized if need be.

Additionally, don’t forget to get a good travel insurance plan that offers good medical and health coverage for overseas countries. Your current health insurance plan here in the United States will not be valid in a foreign nation

You Don’t Ensure Your Passport Is Up To Date

Just because your passport is valid does not at all mean that it will be accepted when you travel. This is because your passport will still need to be valid from at least six months after your date of return back to the United States. Otherwise, you’ll have difficulty getting back home if you are detained for any reason.

Something else besides a passport that you’re going to need as well is a visa. Take note that a student visa has different requirements than other kinds of visas such as a work visa, and that you most likely will need to obtain a visa if you are going to be staying in the country for more than ninety days (even if the visa is not otherwise needed).

Leaving To Study Abroad

Regardless of what country you’re going to be studying abroad in, the above mistakes are not ones that you’ll want to make.