Understanding The Workers Compensation Claims Process

While the laws on workers compensation will differ from state to state, there are many jurisdictions that will require any sick or injured workers to notify their employers of any injury within a 30 to 45 day period following any accident or injury. The failure to do so will usually result in the denial of the expected benefits. Because this is such an important process, you will find that this information will be handy to ensure you follow along with all of the right steps for the workers compensation claims process.

Right away, the worker has to obtain the proper medical treatment and then notifies his or her supervisor of the accident or injury and how it occurred. It is generally best to notify the employer in writing of the accident as soon as possible, with 30 days being the common timeframe for most places of business.

The First 48 Hours After a Work Place Injury

When you are injured, you should be seeking help from a medical professional. Your doctor will be able to fill out a preliminary medical report and make sure that it includes all of the information that your employer will need. Copies will generally be sent off to your employer and/or the insurance carrier, you and your representative, if you have one.


Within The First 10 Days After Notification

During this time, your employer will usually report the injury to the state, as well as the insurance company. After that time, the insurer will provide you with a written statement of all of your rights under the laws in your state. This is something that generally has to be done within the first 14 days of the report from the employer. Additionally, if the insurance company requires that a network is used that has been contracted to obtain any desired tests, they will have to notify you of the name and the contact info for the network with the written statement.

Of course, the entire claims process for workers compensation cases can be stressful to navigate if you are not familiar with the laws, or if your employer does not have clear and concise instructions for reporting. This is where the help of a professional in the field will come in very handy. When it comes to a workers compensation claim, hiring the right workers compensation lawyer for the job can make a world of difference and help you to navigate the process with ease.

By working with a lawyer, you will have all of the guidance and support that you need to be sure that you are doing everything in your power to get the process going and so that nothing is overlooked. Being out of work due to an injury, and even having to deal with ongoing medical bills or surgery, can be even more stressful. This is why you will see that picking out the best lawyer to take on your case will be something that you will not soon regret, and you can hopefully get back to life as usual as soon as possible.