What An Apprenticeship Can Do For You

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An apprenticeship is a wonderful hybrid between training and working. You can rack up useful, instructive real-world experience while also getting a head start in a long-term career.

You can enjoy several attractive benefits by arranging an apprenticeship:

* Earn While You Learn

An apprenticeship allows you to earn a significant, easily-transferable qualification while also earning money. On average, apprentices earn £200 a week, and many employers offer significantly more.

* Enjoy Paid Holidays

Apprentices are given a minimum of 20 days of paid holiday every year. You also get to enjoy bank holidays, too.

* A Debt-Free Way To Train

If you start an apprenticeship at or below 18 years of age, the Government will pick up the cost of your training. For apprentices over the age of 19, employers are required to pay at least some of your training costs. The amount of financial support available to you depends on your personal circumstances, the type of apprenticeship you’re in, and your employer. We are committed to helping you meet your financial needs and we can work with your employer.

* A Variety Of Opportunities

There are thousands of apprenticeships available across a huge range of industries. Everything from hairdressing to construction is open to you.

* Pick Up Valuable Skills

An apprenticeship allows you to cultivate useful skills that future employers will be eager to pay for. You can learn at your own pace through practical, hands-on experience.

* Better Future Earnings

Most apprentices earn significantly more after completing their apprenticeships when compared to workers who do not complete one.

* A Gateway To Work Or Study

You can pursue an apprenticeship up to degree level or even further. While apprenticeships are demanding, you get a lot in exchange for your hard work!

An apprenticeship is a great thing, if you believe otherwise then read this post on myths around apprenticeships from DST.