What are the Career Possibilities after Pursuing BBA?

Planning to join the corporate world and looking for a course that will enable you to learn the ropes of corporate workings? Or planning to start your own business enterprise? Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most popular management degree offered by the business schools of India. The BBA program offers extensive training in all aspects of business operations including finance, marketing, sales, IT, and manpower management.

If you have graduated from one of the top BBA colleges in Delhi or any other major city, here are a few of the career options open to you –

Sign up for an MBA program

Opting for an MBA program is the next step for most students who pursue a BBA degree. MBA is the next level of management education. While many engineering graduates and students from other streams also opt to gain an MBA degree, BBA students who have already gained a foundation in business administration prefer to seek out MBA programs with specializations in finance, business operations, sales or even marketing. These equip them to take on senior management roles in these respective functions and many go on to head these verticals in big corporations.

Start your career at a reputed corporation

Most students look for colleges with impressive campus placement track records before they seek BBA admission in Delhi and other major cities in India. Campus placements give you the opportunity to start work right after college. Most corporations and business enterprises – big and small – are on the lookout for smart, innovative, and enterprising business administrators to fill managerial positions. Many BBA students may wish to work and gain experience before opting for an executive MBA degree.

Launch your own start up

A number of BBA graduates, particularly those who have opted for specialisation in Entrepreneurship or Family Business look forward to launching their own businesses or to join an already functional family-owned business unit. In the recent years the environment in the country and government schemes has been very conducive to the launch of startup enterprises. Take advantage of these schemes and get your own business going.

Go on to acquire a CA/CS/CFA certification

If finance is your forte, you may opt for a specialisation in Finance during your BBA program. To further your skills in financial management of a corporation you may want to go for a CA, CS, or CFA certification. These will enable you to further your knowledge of the accounting, auditing, and financial management regulations that business enterprises need to comply with. All these – CA, CS, and CFA certifications – require an in-depth study of the subject matter and the examinations are held at regular intervals by their respective accreditation bodies.

Join the Indian Administrative Services

Another popular option with BBA graduates is attempting to clear the Indian Administrative Services exams. The IAS exams (Prelims and Mains) require considerable hard work and preparations. An interview follows the written exams. This throws open a wide range of career options such as Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services, Indian Revenue Services and other government jobs which can make best use of your skills set. Apart from the handsome remuneration and benefits, the honour of bagging a job in the elite services is immense.