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TOP Ships Inc. are a modern, global and fuel efficient “ECO” tanker vessels company dealing with the transportation of petroleum products and bulk liquid chemicals. The comapany is based in the Republic of The Marshall Islands and have been trading on NASDAQ since July 2004 under the ticker “TOPS”.

They are known for top-quality, high-end, efficient operation and maintenance of diversified fleet of vessels in the ocean transport industry, with required reliability and security and environmental protection throughout the globe. Their reputed establishment gives them the advantage of strong ties to a number of national, regional and international oil companies, charterers and traders.

TOP ships’ strategy is to “grow the company’s fleet via acquisitions of newbuilding, resale or secondhand vessels of superior ECO design.” Top ships earning reports suggest that the total asset of this company has risen to 220.4 USD (in millions) in 2017, while it was at 74.0 (in million) USD in 2015. This a shipping company, providing marine transportation services on a worldwide basis and intends to grow their fleet with selective and precise acquisition of modern vessels to provide an attractive return on equity and be accretive to our earnings and cash flow based on anticipated market rates at the time of purchase.

A leading finance and analysis media blog reported, the period of six months which ended on 30th June, 2018, TOP Ships Inc. witnessed an increase in revenue by 4%, settling at $19.7M, while the net loss applicable to common stockholders also increased by 13%, to $6.6M. The blog further reflected in its article that the increase in revenues rose from the high demands for the company’s products and the market conditions which favored that kind of growth.

As per NASDAQ, the TOP Ships stock price is currently valued at $0.9552M and it has declared  to announce its profitability for the present quater in the coming month as the earning season is on its way. It is very probable that the share price will rise during this time. The % Predicted Move After Earnings Announcement” (PMAEA) before Earnings Announcement can provide unique advantages in trading Earnings. The historical price reaction suggests 66% probability for share price to go up as TOPS has been historically reacting after Earnings Announcement.

TOPS Earnings follows the strategy of Growing Revenue, One Ship at a Time. Shares of TOP Ships Inc. was -4.43% which tumbled to 9.4% in active premarket trade recently, after a Greece-based shipping company declared the sale of common shares, and supply of additional shares, to a single institutional investor at a discount. Top Ships Inc, which is a small-cap stocks, with its market cap of US$14.94M, are known for its immense growth. The company, known for its explosive growth, in the high risk operation sector of the oil and gas industry, recently announced that it will sell 2 million shares, each costing 1.50 US Dollars. It will also issue warrants for buying 3.5 million additional shares, with an exercise price of $1.50 and a four-month term. The company is expecting to get net proceeds of 2.7 million USD from the offering, after considering the expenses and fees.